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User: Lostking27 a.k.a. Cornmage[edit]

Chances are if you've seen anything something based on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, you've likely seen my work. My most common works and contributions include Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Magical items and spells for 5e, My Hero Academia Classes for 5e, and a handful of backgrounds based on existing fiction. Below I've listed a number of pages I've worked on or created, all of which are for 5th edition. Most of my things that are incomplete are usually left so due to a lack of review. I've had a number of issues with balancing and wording in my pages in the past, so I typically feel very unsure about removing any stubs. I'm not as skilled as most others on this site, so I always appreciate a little criticism.

Completed Contribs and Works[edit]

These works and contributions are listed from least to most recent. This list is comprised of works that do not have maintenance or incomplete tags.


"Blank" the Human (5e Background)‎ (Created)

Simpleton (5e Background) (Created)

Space Janitor (5e Background) (Created)

Adventuring Royalty (5e Background) (Created)

Dragonborn (5e Background) (Created)

Space Marine (5e Background) (Reworked)

Unkindled (5e Background) (Created)

Marked by the Outsider (5e Background) (Created)

Stand User (5e Background) (Created)

Avenger (5e Background) (Created)

Formerly Petrified (5e Background) (Created)

State Alchemist (5e Background) (Created)

Persona User (5e Background) (Created)


Boon of The Doom Slayer (5e Epic Boon) (Created)

Classes & Subclasses[edit]

Shovel Knight (5e Class) (Created, but did little work for the page) Users ‎Akimoto Kumiko and DaRedMeep are the amazing individuals who took up this page and flushed it out.

Explosion (5e Class) (Created, but only minor contribs) Most work contributed by the wonderful User Ref3rence.

Electrification (5e Class)‎ (Created)

Hardening (5e Class) (Created)

Stand User (Custom) (5e Class) (Created) had assistance from User and One-Frosty-Lad.

Dark Shadow (5e Class) (Created, but only minor contribs) Most work contributed by the wonderful User Ref3rence.

Half-Cold Half-Hot (5e Class)‎ (Created, but only minor contribs) Most work contributed by the wonderful User Ref3rence.

Permeation (5e Class) (Created) Most work contributed by the wonderful User Ref3rence.

Demon Slayer (5e Class) (Created) Minor contribs, most work done by other dedicated users of the wiki.

Way of the Platinum Star (5e Subclass) (Created)

Caped Crusader (5e Class) (Created)


Wamuu, Warrior of the Pillar Men (5e Creature) (Created)

Lord Kars, Master of the Pillar Men (5e Creature) (Created)

Esidisi, Strategist of the Pillar Men (5e Creature) (Created)

Dio Brando (5e Creature) (Created)


Phil Swift (5e Deity) (Created)


Ring of the Undead (5e Equipment) (Created)

The One Ring, Variant (5e Equipment) (Created)

The Thespian Mask (5e Equipment) (Created)

Infinity Gauntlet, Variant (5e Equipment) (Created)

Stone Mask of the Vampire (5e Equipment) (Created)

Giorno's Piano (5e Equipment) (Created)

Silver Chariot's Rapier (5e Equipment) (Created)

Crazy Diamond's Pendant (5e Equipment) (Created)

Six Bullet's Revolver (5e Equipment) (Created)

Spider-Man Suit (5e Equipment) (Created)

Star Platinum's Hat (5e Equipment) (Created)

Lil' Bomber (5e Equipment) (Created)

The Lamp of Cameo (5e Equipment) (Created)

Soul Sword (5e Equipment) (Created)

Mjolnir (5e Equipment)‎ (Created)

Killer Queen's Necktie (5e Equipment) (Created)

Luck & Pluck (5e Equipment) (Created)

Goggles of Erasure (5e Equipment) (Created)

Glasses of the Nighteye (5e Equipment) (Created)

Mask of Confession (5e Equipment) (Created)

Mask of Twice (5e Equipment) (Created)

Iron Man Suit (5e Equipment) (Created)

Coconut halves of phantom steed (5e Equipment)‎ (Reworked)

Leviathan (5e Equipment) (Reworked)

Golden Experience's Brooch (5e Equipment) (Created)

Mask of the Skull (5e Equipment) (Created)

Mask of the Fox (5e Equipment) (Created)

Mask of the Panther (5e Equipment) (Created)

Mask of the Queen (5e Equipment) (Created)

Mask of the Noir (5e Equipment) (Created)

Mask of the Crow (5e Equipment) (Created)


Mariokin (5e Race) (Created)

Shaggy Rogers (5e Race) (Created)

Quirked Human (5e Race Variant) (Reworked)

Living Cartoon (5e Race) (Reworked)

Phantom (5e Race) (Created)


Emerald Splash (5e Spell) (Created)

Hermit's Wisdom (5e Spell) (Created)

Lock of Guilt (5e Spell) (Created)

Heaven's Door (5e Spell) (Created)

Sheer Heart Attack (5e Spell) (Created)

Boy II Man's Curse (5e Spell) (Created) assisted and reworded by User Endermage77

The Hand (5e Spell) (Created)

Golden Experience (5e Spell) (Created)

Golden Wind (5e Spell) (Created)

Purple Haze (5e Spell) (Created)

Bites the Dust (5e Spell) (Created)

Shadow Hand (5e Spell) (Reworked)

Reverb (5e Spell) (Created)

Moody Blues (5e Spell) (Created)

Enigma's Paper Seal (5e Spell) (Created)

Sticky Fingers (5e Spell) (Created)

Three Freeze (5e Spell) (Created)

Atum's Guidance (5e Spell) (Created)

King Crimson (5e Spell) (Created)

Traps & Hazards[edit]

Wooden box with a Cupcake (5e Trap) (Created)

Man-eating Mushrooms (5e Hazard) (Created)

Falling Cross Shaped Rock (5e Trap) (Created) assisted and had balanced by User Endermage77.

Carpenter's Table (5e Trap) (Created)

Works in Progress[edit]

These works are listed from least to most recent. This list is comprised of any and all works with incomplete or needs balance tags.

Plasmid Wielder (5e Class) (Created) needs more work.

Doom Slayer (5e Creature) (Created) Incomplete.

Mask of the Joker (5e Equipment) (Created) Incomplete.

Mask of the Oracle (5e Equipment) (Created) Incomplete.

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