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Ring, very rare (Requires attunement)

We played a prank on our buddy, Udir, and gave him a cursed ring. We thought it would just make him grey like our buddy Delg. Little did we know what we did until we checked on him a week later, when he was feasting on his wife’s corpse. - Thorrigg, on the subject of curses

A jade ring with a small purple gem. The ring when identified is identifies as a ring of beneficial nature, revealing only it's appealing properties. However there is a much darker nature to this ring, and only an oblivious fool would keep this ring on.

Undead Presence: When equipped, the ring grants you an undead presence, making you undetectable by undead creatures by smell, giving any undead disadvantage on a perception check to discover your location. Up to 3 lesser undead such as zombies and vampire spawn can also follow the your commands every day. By using this ability, the target must make a Charisma saving throw with the DC being equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma bonus. You can command the target to act on your behalf with the constraints that the target cannot kill their another undead or their true master, should they have one.

Curse: You have 3 days to remove the ring after it is first put on. The ring after 12 hours of being worn will turn the your skin pale and eyes sunken and grey. After 24 hours, you will feel weak and gain disadvantage on all Strength rolls. After 36 hours, you will begin to feel hungrier and require an extra serving of rations in meat every day. After 48 hours, the your skin will turn a rotten green color and your eyes will turn black. After 60 hours, you will feel a craving for meat, requiring four servings of rations in only meat per day. If you do not have meat on hand, you will have to go out of your way to get meat by any means necessary. At 72 hours, you will become neutral evil and turn completely undead, losing control of your mind and attacking everything in sight.

Removing the ring will stop the transformation at the stage it was removed at. Curing the effects of the transformation can be done by a remove curse spell or disease curing effect. It is possible to be cured using a remove curse spell or similar effect after the transformation is complete, but the ring must be removed and the wearer must still be "alive".

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