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Weapon (Rapier), Legendary (requires attunement)

A rapier made of silver that holds the power of a Stand User by the name of Jean Pierre Polnareff and his Stand: Silver Chariot. The Rapier has 3 charges and has various abilities to expend them on. The rapier regains 1 charge at the end of each day.

My Secret Weapon. As a ranged attack against a creature, the blade of the rapier shoots out with a powerful force, dealing 6d6 damage to a creature up to 30 feet away. Once the blade is shot, you may not use any of the sword's abilities or attack with it until the end of combat or after 1d4 minutes.

Off Comes the Armor! As a bonus action, you increase your speed by 30 feet and can make an additional two actions per turn for 1d4-1 (minimum of 1) turns. In exchange, your AC temporarily drops by 5 during this time and does not return to normal until after the ability ends.

Silver Chariot. As a reaction, you catch a magical or non magical projectile with your sword. If the projectile is non-magical, such as an arrow or a dart, you simply slice the projectile and take no damage. If the projectile is magical, such as magical fire or a lightning bolt, you may deflect it and aim the projectile towards a new target within half the projectile's former range. The target must make a saving throw related to the spell with a DC equal to the original caster's spell save DC.

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