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Weapon (Revolver), Legendary (requires attunement)

A revolver with no discernible features. It once belonged to the stand user Guido Mista and contains the power of his stand: Six Bullets. The revolver has 5 charges and has various abilities to expend them on. The revolver regains 1 charge at the end of every day, unless it hasn't been fed.

Aside from it's magical nature, the revolver still needs ammunition and functions as a regular firearm, dealing 2d6 piercing damage with a range of 30 feet/60 feet with disadvantage. In addition, the revolver needs to be fed rations much like a person or else it won't function. 1 serving of rations every day will ensure that it functions and regains charges.

Pass, Pass Pass! As an action, you expend a charge, select a target that is behind cover or out of your direct line of fire, and fire the revolver. You fire the revolver, sending a bullet that is corrected to hit the target. The target must make a DC 18 dexterity saving throw or be shot by the bullet. In addition, bullets shot with this ability deal an extra 1d6 damage.

Yee Haw! As an action, you expend a charge, roll 1d6, and fire the revolver. A number of bullets equal to the amount rolled comes out of the gun and shoots the targets. You may assign the bullets however you like, such as 1 bullet per target or 6 bullets to one. Each target must make a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw or be shot by the bullet.

Six Bullets! As a bonus action, you expend a charge. You cause the power of Six Bullets to protect you from incoming projectiles. Any ranged attacks made against you do not hit. This effect lasts until your next turn.

Lucky number 1 When you are down to your last bullet, you have advantage on the roll. This feature does not require a charge.

Curse This weapon has a curse placed upon it which will not be revealed unless the conditions of the curse are met. Should the attuned creature come in contact with anything in a group of 4, they will be given disadvantage using the revolver. This may occur from such cases as having loaded only 4 bullets into the revolver or fighting off against creatures in a group of 4. This curse cannot be removed.

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