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Wondrous item, Legendary

A lamp, similar to that of genie's, which once was used by the stand user Cameo to house the power of his stand: Judgement. When the lamp is rubbed, the visage of Cameo's stand shall appear and tell those in the presence of him that they are entitled to 3 wishes from him, referring to himself as Cameo. After a creature has made their 3 wishes, they may not receive any more.

Hail to you! Cameo is a stand capable of granting wishes, but certain conditions must be met. Cameo can only grant wishes if a creature is within sight/ear shot of Cameo and if Cameo is within a mile of enough earth or soil to mold into the person's wish. Upon granting a wish, he will shout "HAIL TO YOU!" before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

In addition, Cameo can only grant wishes that have tangible elements, such as bringing back a loved one, creating vast wealth, or making a person's dream love interest become reality. Cameo can't grant wishes that directly increase a creature's stats, appearance, or status without creating something tangible to do so, such as money, fine clothing, or books that have knowledge within. However, Cameo can answer any questions that someone asks at the cost of a wish, but he will say "Is that your wish? Okay, but it's a little on the boring side."

Cameo is also much like any genie, as he intends to pervert the original wish and make the creature suffer if possible. While this is not true of all wishes that he grants, Cameo will often look to cause suffering where he can and in the most painful ways possible. One such example might be that a person wishes for a dead loved one to come back to life. Cameo grants the wish, only to make the version he created attack the creature, which then forces the creature to either kill the visage of the person they cared for or lay down and die due to their inability to fight back.

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