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Wondrous item, very rare

A pair of wire frame glasses that appear to contain the power of the Pro-Hero: Sir Nighteye. Once per day, you may use the glasses's feature.

Foresight. You touch and make eye contact with a creature, activating the ability. For the next hour, you may glimpse into the future of that creature, revealing decisions and consequences. Without severe intervention, the action will still come to pass. You may see any event within 1 hour without complication, although it will be hard to interpret context due to a constrained vision of what will occur. However, if you wish to view an event further into the future than 1 hour, you must make a DC 16 Wisdom check. On a success, you gain some knowledge on the event that will come to pass. On a failure, the vision fades from your mind and you take 2d6 psychic damage. The limits of the information you obtain from this item is dependent upon your DM.

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