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Wondrous item, Legendary (requires attunement)

A necktie with a cat-skull like pattern. It smells of smoke and ash. This tie once belonged to murderous Stand User, Yoshikage Kira and holds the power of his stand: Killer Queen. The hat has 3 charges and has various abilities to use them on. The tie regains 1 charge at the end of every day.

Killer Queen. As an action, you expend 1 charge and touch an object. You touch the object and send a powerful amount of energy into the object, turning it into an explosive. If a creature touches this object within 24 hours, it takes 6d10 force damage. If the damage reduces their hit points to zero, then they are vaporized in the explosion and cannot be brought be resurrected. After 24 hours, the energy in the item dissipates and renders it mundane.

Stray Cat. As a ranged attack, you expend 1 charge and select a target within 30 feet. You send a bullet of air at the target which contains explosive energy. If this attack hits, the target takes 3d8 force damage. Cover does not benefit the creature in avoiding this attack.

Sheer Heart Attack. You expend 3 charges and select a target within 30 feet. You deploy a small turtle-like drone with tank treads and a cat skull adorning the front. The drone locks onto your target's heat source and chases them down. Once it is within 5 feet of your target or closer, it detonates its payload, causing an explosion that deals 8d10 force damage to all creatures within 10 feet of the drone. After it deals this damage, it is dismissed.

The drone cannot be destroyed by any means, has a movement speed of 30 feet, and will only be deterred from its target by a greater source of heat. Should something hotter than the body temperature of your target be within 30 feet of the drone, such as fire or a hot beverage, the drone will be attracted to the source of the heat until it is destroyed. If the heat is strong enough, such as a campfire, it will detonate near there and then be dismissed.

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