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Arkamata is a large continent near the Jungle of Chuult. The two areas were formerly connected by a land bridge, allowing the fauna and flora to mix. These lands are infamous for their diversity of Paleofauna, prehistoric species surviving until the modern day.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

Raptorians-Rare- Feathery raptorborns with a slightly humanoid appearance. Prefer colder climates found in the north and in the mountains.
Nychian-Rare- Scaly raptorborns that live in the warmer south of the Continent. Nychians are more defensive and loners when compared to Raptorians.
Language- Chitter, the language of the raptorborns and nychians. It is almost like a blend of raptor sounds and sign language

World of <!-Setting->

Society is mostly found outside of Arkamata, the only settlements that aren't raptorborns and nychians are the occasional colony.
The native races do not have a proper religion or pantheon. However, colonists bring their religions with them and DM can choose a foreign pantheon if they wish.

Dungeon Master's Guide

<--An optional page which goes gives a general explanation of the world-->
Dungeon| Novaraptor nests
Quest| The Hunt for the Velonosaur
Quest| Siege of the Deathworms
Quest| The Running of the Tsintaos
Quest| Tylosaurus Troubles
Conflict| Attack of the Poachers
Conflict| The Indominus Menace

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