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Magic Items[edit]

The following are magic items that can be found in the Shinobi World.


Item Type Subtype
Belled Senbon Weapon Senbon
Chain Wind Staff Weapon Three-Section Staff
Chili Pepper Bomb Wondrous Item
Dako Weapon spear
Giant Folding Fan Weapon Steel Fan
Hyuga Clan Secret Ointment Wondrous Item
Military Pills Wondrous Item
Shinobi Gauntlet Wondrous Item
Wired Shuriken Weapon Shuriken or Fūma Shuriken


Item Type Subtype
Chakra Absorber Mark 2 Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Chakra Blade Weapon Bladed Knuckle Duster
Disruption Cube Wondrous Item
Eye Scope Wondrous Item
Handheld Kunai Launcher Weapon
Kokutō Weapon Katana
Reflux-Type Pressure-Enhanced Muscles Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Resonating Echo Gauntlet Wondrous Item
Silent Flower Wondrous Item
Super Vibrato Lightning Blade Weapon Shortsword
Sword of Kusanagi Weapon katana
Triple-Bladed Scythe Weapon Scythe
Weights of Guts Wondrous Item


Item Type Subtype
Argos Unit Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Chakra-Infused Clothing Armor clothing or any light modern armor
Dark Cloud Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Demonic Flute Weapon club
Dowsing Tonfa Weapon two clubs
Eyebright Extract Wondrous Item
Garian Sword Weapon Urumi
Kubikiribōchō Weapon
Nuibari Weapon longsword
Prototype Armor Enhancements Armor any armor or jacket
Raikage's Vambrace Wondrous Item
Replacement Body Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Shibuki Weapon greatclub
Shinobi-Ware Drone Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Shinobi-Ware Implant Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Stone Sword of Mount Myoboku Weapon greatsword
Type-1 Artificial Eyes Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Type-1 Medical Unit Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Type-3 Shinobi Gauntlet Wondrous Item
Type-5 Shinobi Gauntlet Wondrous Item
White Light Chakra Sabre Weapon Kodachi

Very Rare[edit]

Item Type Subtype
Absorbing Hand Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Akatsuki Ring Wondrous Item Akatsuki Ring
Claw Mark Implant Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Curry of Life Wondrous item
Cursed Seal Device Wondrous Item
Demon Shinki Wondrous Item
Dragon Blade Weapon Shortsword
Fire Sword Weapon greatsword
First Hokage's Necklace Wondrous Item
Kurosawa Weapon katana
Microscopic Scientific Ninja Tools Wondrous Item
Mirror of Hope Wondrous Item
Petrification Gauntlet wondrous item
Star Wondrous Item Meteor
Steam Armor Armor Shinobi Armor
Sword of the Thunder God Weapon Kodachi
Sōshūga Weapon Two nunchaku
Tailed Beast Drug Wondrous Item
Type-1 Leg Implant Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Weaknessless Soaring Shortswords Weapon two shortswords


Item Type Subtype
Advanced Absorbing Hand Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Amanohabaya Fishing Rod Weapon Unique
Bashōsen Weapon Unique
Chakra Armor Armor Land of the Sky Armor
Hero Water Wondrous Item
Hiramekarei Weapon greatsword
Infinite Armor Armor Battle Jacket
Kabutowari Weapon
Kiba, Sword Weapon Two shortswords
Kohaku no Jōhei Wondrous Item
Nara Clan Medical Encyclopedia Wondrous Item
Ryumyaku Source Wondrous Item
Samehada Weapon greatsword
Totsuka Blade Weapon katana
Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths Wondrous Item
Yata Mirror Armor shield

Incomplete Items[edit]

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Item Type Subtype

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