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Influenced Development[edit]

Due to the numerous applications of chakra, technology developed in a rather unique way. While technology generally resembles that of the early 21st century, weaponry has generally stagnated at swords. Due to the immense speed of most combatants, bows were nigh useless, thus close range or thrown weapons dominated combat. A similar event occurred in the development of vehicles, thus most are no more advanced than a drawn cart. All exchange is done in ryō, a paper currency backed by gold. A single ryō bill is worth 10 silver.


While all traditional 5e weapons exist within the Shinobi World, the following weapons are much more common.

Weapon Cost
Simple Melee Weapons
Kunai 8 sp
Bladed Knuckle Duster 2 gp
Wakizashi 5 gp
Shakujō 7 gp
Simple Ranged Weapons
Senbon 5 cp
Shuriken 1 sp
Martial Melee Weapons
Fūma Shuriken 5 gp
Katana 15 gp
Kodachi 15 gp
Kusarigama 30 gp
War Fan 15 gp
Naginata 60 gp
Martial Ranged Weapons
Yumi 60 gp


Unlike its weaponry, the Shinobi World never ceased in advancing its armor. While the following are much more common, traditional 5e armor also exists.

Armor Rarity Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
Light Armor
Stab Vest, Level 1 Spikes Common 13 + Dex modifier (protection against melee attacks only) 6 lb. {{{cost}}}
Stab Vest, Level 2 Spikes Common 14 + Dex modifier (protection against melee attacks only) 8 lb. {{{cost}}}
Stab Vest, Level 3 Spikes Uncommon 15 + Dex modifier (protection against melee attacks only) 10 lb. {{{cost}}}
Type IIA Bulletproof Armor Common 13 + Dex modifier (protection against ranged attacks only) 6 lb. {{{cost}}}
Type IIIA Bulletproof Armor Uncommon 15 + Dex modifier (protection against ranged attacks only) 10 lb. {{{cost}}}
Type II Bulletproof Armor Common 14 + Dex modifier (protection against ranged attacks only) 8 lb. {{{cost}}}
Medium Armor
Law Enforcement Special Type Armor Uncommon 15 + Dex modifier (max 2) Disadvantage 16 lb. {{{cost}}}
Stab Vest, Level 1 Edged Blades Common 16 + Dex modifier (max 2, protection against melee attacks only) 15 lb. {{{cost}}}
Stab Vest, Level 2 Edged Blades Common 17 + Dex modifier (max 2, protection against melee attacks only) 18 lb. {{{cost}}}
Type III Bulletproof Armor Common 16 + Dex modifier (max 2, protection against ranged attacks only) 15 lb. {{{cost}}}
Type IV Bulletproof Armor Common 17 + Dex modifier (max 2, protection against ranged attacks only) 18 lb. {{{cost}}}
Heavy Armor
Bomb Suit Rare 20 Str 15 Disadvantage 80 lb. {{{cost}}}
Military Grade Special Type Armor Rare 18 Str 13 Disadvantage 25 lb. {{{cost}}}
Stab Vest, Level 3 Edged Blades Uncommon 18 (protection against melee attacks only) Str 13 Disadvantage 25 lb. {{{cost}}}
Samurai Armor 25 gp 17 18 Disadvantage 75 lb.

Adventuring Gear[edit]

Item Cost Weight
5e Equipment Preload
5e SRD:Abacus
5e SRD:Acid (vial)
Air Bladder 1 sp 1/2 lb.
Air Capsule 100 gp 1 lb.
OGC:Alchemical Torch 25 gp 1 lb.
5e SRD:Alchemist's Fire (flask)
Alchemist's Grenade 35 gp 5 lb.
Animal Call 10 gp
Anti-Rust Salve 5 sp 1/2 lb.
5e SRD:Antitoxin (vial)
5e SRD:Arcane Focus, Crystal
5e SRD:Arcane Focus, Orb
5e SRD:Arcane Focus, Rod
5e SRD:Arcane Focus, Staff
5e SRD:Arcane Focus, Wand
Armor Polish 5 gp 1 lb.
Aviator's Goggles 75 gp 1/4 lb.
5e SRD:Backpack
5e SRD:Ball Bearings (bag of 1,000)
5e SRD:Barrel
5e SRD:Basket
5e SRD:Bedroll
5e SRD:Bell
Binoculars 200 gp 1 lb.
Bipod 5 GP 1/4 lb.
5e SRD:Blanket
Blast Charge 75gp 15lb
Blast Grenade 0.5 ½ lb.
Blinding Powder 20 gp 1 lb
5e SRD:Block and Tackle
Bomb Collar 65 gp 1 lb.
Bonesaw 15 gp 2 lb.
5e SRD:Book
5e SRD:Bottle, Glass
Brakmarian Oil 500 gp 275 lb.
Breathing Mask 1 sp 0.25 lb
5e SRD:Bucket
5e SRD:Caltrops (bag of 20)
5e SRD:Candle
5e SRD:Case, Crossbow Bolt
5e SRD:Case, Map or Scroll
5e SRD:Chain (10 feet)
Chakra Tags Varies 0.01 lbs
5e SRD:Chalk (1 piece)
5e SRD:Chest
5e SRD:Climber's Kit
Climbing Claws 1 gp 1 lb.
Cloak 20 gp 5 lb.
Clothes, Cold Weather 10gp 8 lb.
5e SRD:Clothes, Common
5e SRD:Clothes, Costume
Clothes, Courtier 50gp 5 lb.
5e SRD:Clothes, Fine
Clothes, Hot Weather 10gp 2 lb.
Clothes, Livery 30 gp 6 lb.
5e SRD:Clothes, Traveler's
Clothes, Work 1 gp 3 lb.
Clothing, Rags 1 cp 2 lb.
Coffee, Eastern 10gp 1 lb.
Coffee 5gp 1 lb.
Coffin 100gp 40lb
Collector's Coat 35 gp 20 lb.
Common Cigar 5 sp -
Compass 100 gp 1/4 lb
5e SRD:Component Pouch
Continual Torch 60 gp 1 lb
Creature Manual 10gp 5 lb
5e SRD:Crowbar
Dictionary 10 gp 2 lb.
Drugs and Medicines (5e Variant Rule)
5e SRD:Druidic Focus, Sprig of Mistletoe
5e SRD:Druidic Focus, Totem
5e SRD:Druidic Focus, Wooden Staff
5e SRD:Druidic Focus, Yew Wand
Dungeon Delver's Pocket Manual 140 sp 2 lbs
Electric Milk 30 gp 1/2 lbs.
Elemental Ink 50 gp 0.0625 lbs
5e SRD:Equipment Packs
Extreme Teen Bible 350 gp 0.5 lb
OGC:Facemold Paste 50 gp. 1 lb.
5e SRD:Fishing Tackle
Flare Gun 49 gp 2 lb
Flares 20 gp 3 lb
Flashlight 10 gp 0.5 ½ lb.
5e SRD:Flask or Tankard
Flextape 10gp for small, 15 for medium, 25 for jumbo size 2 lb.
Fume Mask 30 gp 0.5 lb
Gas Mask 1 lb.
Giant Sword Sheath 6gp 1 lb.
OGC:Glacial Effector 100 gp. 1 lb.
5e SRD:Grappling Hook
Grappling Hookshot 140gp 10lbs
Grenade Launcher, Multiple 12 lb.
Grenade Launcher, Underbarrel 2 lb.
Grenade Launcher, Variant 7 lb.
OGC:Gun Kit 25 gp. 3 lb.
Gunpowder Pouch 8 gp ½ lb.
Half Mask 10 1
5e SRD:Hammer
5e SRD:Hammer, Sledge
Hammock 1gp 3 lb.
Hazmat Bodysuit 15 lbs.
5e SRD:Healer's Kit
Healing Potion (Herbalism) Various 1lb
Healing Powder 100 gp 1 lb
Holsters, Pair 5 sp 1 lb.
5e SRD:Holy Symbol, Amulet
5e SRD:Holy Symbol, Emblem
5e SRD:Holy Symbol, Reliquary
5e SRD:Holy Water (flask)
5e SRD:Hourglass
5e SRD:Hunting Trap
Hunting Trap, Variant 5 gp 25 lb.
Incendiary Grenade 30 gp 0.5 ½ lb.
5e SRD:Ink (1 ounce bottle)
5e SRD:Ink Pen
Jaroidian Diamond 5000gp 32lb
5e SRD:Jug or Pitcher
Kaeozzian Ruby 5000gp 32lb
Khakkhara 7 gp 5 lb
5e SRD:Ladder (10-foot)
5e SRD:Lamp
Land Mine 200 gp 1 lb
5e SRD:Lantern, Bullseye
5e SRD:Lantern, Hooded
Laser Sight 15 gp 3/4 lb.
Laudanum 15 gp 1 pint
5e SRD:Lock
Lock Box 15 gp 4 lb.
5e SRD:Magnifying Glass
5e SRD:Manacles
Map, Area 50 gp 2 lb.
Mask 10 gp 1 lb.
Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb 500,000 gp 21,600 lb. (11 short tons)
Mechanical Calculator 2,000 gp 50 lb.
Medical Leeches 10gp 1lb
Meds 50 gp
5e SRD:Mess Kit
Metallurgist's Tools 35 gp 8 lb.
Microscope 1000 gp 1 lb
OGC:Midnight Dust 75 gp. 2 lbs.
Miner's Mate 4 lb
Miner’s Delight 20 gp 1/2 lb.
5e SRD:Mirror, Steel
Mother's Chili see ingredient list 1lb per serving, regardless of ingredients
Nest of Bees 5 gp 2 lbs
Night-Vision Device 50 gp 3/4 lb.
5e SRD:Oil (flask)
5e SRD:Paper (one sheet)
Parachute, Variant 60 gp 30 lb.
Parachute 100 gp 30 lbs
5e SRD:Parchment (one sheet)
5e SRD:Perfume (vial)
Personal Glider 400 gp 40 lbs
Personal Grapple 100 gp 2 lb.
5e SRD:Pick, Miner's
Pitchfork 2 gp 5 lb.
5e SRD:Piton
Plague Doctor's Case 25 gp 15 lbs.
Plastic Explosives 45 gp 1 0.5 ¼ lb.
Pocket Sand 0 gp .2 lbs.
5e SRD:Poison, Basic (vial)
5e SRD:Pole (10-foot)
Portable Bath 20gp 25 lb.
5e SRD:Pot, Iron
5e SRD:Potion of Healing
5e SRD:Pouch
OGC:Powder Flask 1 sp. 1 lb.
Pyre Fuel 2gp 1lb
5e SRD:Quiver
Racial Rations 2gp varies
5e SRD:Ram, Portable
5e SRD:Rations (1 day)
Relaxing Herbs 50 gp 1 lb
OGC:Rest 5 gp. 2 lb.
5e SRD:Robes
Roll of Bandages 2 sp 1/4 lb
5e SRD:Rope, Hempen (50 feet)
5e SRD:Rope, Silk (50 feet)
SCBA 75 gp 35 lb.
5e SRD:Sack
Safe 75 gp 200 lbs
5e SRD:Scale, Merchant's
5e SRD:Sealing Wax
Shoe Spikes 1 gp 1 lb.
5e SRD:Shovel
5e SRD:Signal Whistle
5e SRD:Signet Ring
Skis 50 gp 10 lb.
Smoke Bomb 30 gp 1 lb
OGC:Smoke Bomb 100 gp. 3 lbs.
Smoldering Paste 25gp .5
5e SRD:Soap
OGC:Sparksprig 75 gp. 2 lbs.
5e SRD:Spellbook
5e SRD:Spikes, Iron (10)
5e SRD:Spyglass
Stink Bomb 50 gp 1 lb
Stun Grenade 35 gp 0.5 ½ lb.
Sunglasses 5 gp 0.5 ¼ oz.
Suppressor 45 gp 10 oz.
Syringe 20 gp ¼ lb.
Tactical Flashlight 25 gp 0.5 ½ lb.
Tea Set 1gp-200gp 3 lb.
Tear Gas Grenade 45 gp 0.5 ½ lb.
5e SRD:Tent, two-person
Thunderstone 25 gp 1 lb.
5e SRD:Tinderbox
Tindertwig 10gp -
Tobacco 3gp -
5e SRD:Torch
OGC:Triangular Bayonet 5 gp. 1 lb.
Turpentine 5 gp. 1 lb.
Utility Belt 5 gp
5e SRD:Vial
Walkie-Talkie 30 gp 2 lb.
5e SRD:Waterskin
5e SRD:Whetstone
Whetstone 1 cp 1 lb.

Additional Setting-Unique Costs[edit]

Name Cost
Simple Melee Weapons
Training Access to any of the following should be restricted based on the provider's ability to produce specific the good.
Jutsu 5,000 ryō x minimum chakra cost.
Feat 150,000 ryō.
Dōjutsu 500,000 ryō.
Subclass Feature 750,000 ryō.
Boon 1,000,000 ryō.

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