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Wondrous Item (Akatsuki Ring), Very Rare

Ten Rings imbued with the power of the Gedo Statue, under direction from Nagato himself. These rings can assist in the pacification and sealing of a Biju, and facilitate long ranged communication.

Astral Projection Link. Using the ring, you can designate a location to leave an invisible seal on. By concentrating on your ring, you cast Astral Projection on yourself with the following changes.

- You are immediately transported to your designated location, and may not move from said location.

- You are only able to use sealing jutsu in this state, using ritual rules.

- You can only be heard, and seen by people who are also wearing the ring whilst in this state of being.

You may cancel this effect whenever, but this can only be used once every 12 hours, and your physical body is incapacitated for the duration. If your physical body takes damage the effect automatically ends.

Biju Dampening Field. When 2 or more rings are within the vicinity of one another, any biju within 100 feet of the wearers are subject to the following effects.

- Disadvantage on all attack rolls.

- A reduction of 2 to AC, and all Saving Throws.

- Automatically rolls a 1 on initiative, adding no stats to said initiative

The wearers gain the following benefits

- +2 to all attack rolls against Bijus

- +2 to all Saving Throws against Bijus

- +2 AC against attacks from any Bijus.

Having more than 2 rings together at a time will not provide anymore benefits.

A Jinchuuriki using these rings do not benefit from the Biju Dampening Field. Nor will anyone else wearing these rings benefit from Biju Dampening Field against a Jinchuuriki.


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