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Magic Items[edit]

The following are magic items that can be found in the Shinobi World.


Item Type Subtype
Belled Senbon Weapon Senbon
Shinobi Gauntlet Wondrous Item
Wired Shuriken Weapon Shuriken or Fūma Shuriken


Item Type Subtype
Chakra Blade Weapon Bladed Knuckle Duster
Eye Scope Wondrous Item
Kokutō Weapon Katana
Sword of Kusanagi Weapon katana
Triple-Bladed Scythe Weapon Scythe
Weights of Guts Wondrous Item


Item Type Subtype
Chakra-Infused Clothing Armor clothing or any light modern armor
Kubikiribōchō Weapon
Nuibari Weapon longsword
Shibuki Weapon greatclub
Stone Sword of Mount Myoboku Weapon greatsword
White Light Chakra Sabre Weapon Kodachi

Very Rare[edit]

Item Type Subtype
Absorbing Hand Wondrous Item Shinobi-Ware
Akatsuki Ring Wondrous Item Akatsuki Ring
Kurosawa Weapon katana
Star (Shinobi World Supplement) Wondrous Item Meteor
Steam Armor, Variant Armor Shinobi Armor
Sword of the Thunder God Weapon Kodachi
Sōshūga Weapon Two nunchaku


Item Type Subtype
Amanohabaya Fishing Rod Weapon Unique
Bashōsen Weapon Unique
First Hokage's Necklace Wondrous Item
Hiramekarei Weapon greatsword
Kabutowari Weapon
Kiba, Variant Weapon Two shortswords
Kohaku no Jōhei Wondrous Item
Samehada, Variant Weapon greatsword
Totsuka Blade Weapon katana
Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths Wondrous Item
Yata Mirror Armor shield

Incomplete Items[edit]

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Item Type Subtype

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