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Paragon Tier Feats
These are available to a character of 11th level or higher who meets the prerequisites.
Name Prerequisite(s) Description
Abhorrent Farspawn, Level 11 Your form mutates into an even more maddening form.
Advanced Antenna Rakshia Your antenna become more attuned to assist your vision giving you great advantage while blinded.
Advanced Aquatics Rakshia, no other advanced adaptation feat You gain webbing between your fingers in addition to gills and an even more hydrodynamic shell, allowing you to move through water with the greatest of ease.
Advanced Wings Rakshia, must not have any other advanced adaptation feat a second set of wing has grown to work in-tandem with the first; enhancing your jumps and allowing for limited flight.
Aerial Migration Avern You gain overland flight.
Agile Crawler Spydric-One
Ancient-Blooded Iejirisk, 11th level You can swap one 9th-level or higher daily attack power you know with the dragon's breath attack power.
Angelic Wings Angel You unfurl your wings of pure white feathers.
Arcane Resilience Old Blood, intelligence 17 , arcana skill training Your greater control of your arcane energies allows you to sustain yourself under severe wounds
Armor Specialization (Spidersilk) 21st level, Dex 15, training with spidersilk You are skilled with spidersilk armor.
Avern Alertness Avern Enemies can't surprise you, +2 to passive perception.
Baneful Bite Ettercap (4e Race), spider bite racial power Your venom becomes more neurotoxic and regenerates rapidly.
Beguiling Advantage Satyr You project a natural charm few can resist.
Bucca Burrow Pooka You can plough your way through the bowels of the earth with astonishing swiftness.
Burning Venom Drakkoth Venomous hiss remains potent.
Cloak of the Obyrith 11th level, Demonic Ancestry The chaos of the Abyss suffuses your being, as it does the ancient obyriths.
Cloak of Vengeance Angel, Angelic Presence Whilst you are not bloodied, any creature that hits you with a melee attack suffers 10 cold and fire damage.
Cloth Cleaver Kamui, Cloth Blade You have practiced your skill with cloth blades enough to create truly deadly cleavers from your own fibers
Cloth Wrecker Kamui, Cloth Blade You have practiced your skill with cloth whips and maces enough to create a large flail from your own fibers
Coercive Spell 11th level, Wis 15, Wizard Living foes damaged by your spells become more pliable and vulnerable to your commands.
Concentrated Acid Spray Rakshia, Acid Spray racial power Your acid is concentrated to be even more potent
Conflagration Azer, warding flame racial power, 11th level Warding flame aura increases to 2 squares; only effects enemies.
Current Storage 11th Level, Con 13 Your body is capable of storing small amounts of electricity, allowing you to take less damage from shocks and invigorating you when the shocks are minor enough.
Curse of the First Humans Vasharan (human subrace) you are a member of the first creation by the human gods. You gain bonus to all defenses and attacks
Dark Scythe Shadar-Kai, and wielding a Scythe You are able to weaken and cause additional damage with your Scythe.
Deadly Blade Dex 17 You can strike your foes precisely in vital spot.
Deafening Spell You can modify a spell so that it deafens targets.
Deceitful Charm Satyr Others have little chance of deceiving you with their charms.
Deflect Arrows 11th level, Dex 17 You and your adjacent allies have improved defense against incoming arrows and thrown weapons.
Demon Sense Demon Hunter, Level 11 You gain a +2 bonus to initiative, insight, and perception, and can tell the location of every creature on the battlemap, even if they are obscured by cover or concealment.
Devilish Sight Succubus (4e Race) Your eyes, blessed with infernal blood, can now pierce the dark.
Devourer of Brains Illithid, 11th level You can feast upon the grey matter of those you kill.
Draconian Wingbeat Level 11, Bozak or kapak draconian, Instinctive Flight racial feature With use your wings have grown stronger, allowing for better flight.
Dragon-Blooded Ire
Earth Digger Rakshia, no other advanced adaptation feat Your claws are much harder and coated with a weak acid allowing you to dig through tougher substances.
Earth Titan Hill Giant, 11th level You are immune to petrification.
Echosense 11th level, Triton, Trained in Perception Using your amazing senses, you can perceive without sight like a bat does via echolocation.
Eldritch Blood Mind Flayer. Int 15 or cha 15 You are one with your Aberrant nature.
Elite Weapon Training Yautja your training with your clan weapons make you even more deadly with them than most. You gain proficiency with the blade gauntlet, double glaive, double javelin, shuriken disc, and the weighted net weapons.
Embrace the Spirit Seishin Kitsune, 11th Level Your human and fox souls finally unite, leaving you stronger than before.
Empower Spell 11th level, wizard Re-roll damage dice of one arcane attack power once per encounter.
Empowered Blood Makari The Makari has becomes even better at fueling rituals with it's blood.
Enervate Spell Wis 13, wizard, 11th level Add necrotic damage type to arcane spell and weaken targets
Exorcism Channel Divinity class feature, 11th level You gain the ability to perform a powerful ritual that can make certain kinds of foes leave the battlefield for an amount of time
Extended Airtime Avern, spirited updraft racial power Use spirited updraft twice per encounter.
Fell Terror Foes are filled with terror when hit by your spells.
Fey Charger 11th level; Centaur, Noble (4e Race) You are a charger par excellence.
Fiendish Flight Cambion or Horned Devil; 11st level Your immortal heritage granted you bat-like wings; now you have the power to take to the skies.
Five-tail Trickster Seishin Kitsune, 11th Level You grow your fifth tail.
Flail Hurricane Half-Ogre, and wielding a weapon from the Flail group. Your Flail becomes a burst weapon.
Fog-Piercing Eye Avern Reduce the benefits enemies gain from concealment.
Force Spell 11th level, wizard One spell you know can deal force damage.
Fury of the Fhondi Fhondi, 11th level, Wisdom 13 Bonus to fire attacks when bloodied; fiery blood damage increased.
Gaia Weapons Rakshia, either or both prerequisite feats Your natural weapons grow in power
Glancing Claws Hito-Neko, Level 11 Even if your attack fails to truly strike home, your enemies will still feel some of their edge.
Grand Lycanthropy Fenrirborn, Lycanthropy racial power You heal more quickly while in wolf form
Grasping Barbs Barbed Devil, Barbed Defense racial power. When you use the Barbed Defense power, you also grab the target, and the target is marked by you until the end of your next turn.
Greater Spell Reflection 11th level, Triton, Reflective Scales power Your scales gain a stronger resistance and add to the power of your ability to reflect damage.
Grimlock Rage Grimlock Hurting someone badly gives you a rush of euphoria that rejuvenates you temporarily.
Headbutt Charge Monk class, Drunken Master Style Giving next to no regard of your own safety, you charge headlong at your foe, suddenly twitching and dealing an attack.
Heart of the Nabassu 11th level, Demonic Ancestry You can trace your ancestry back to the darkness of both the abyss and the shadowfell.
Heirarch Modron Modron, 11th level As an upper-tier modron, your precision of order allows you to alter the initiative sequence in battle.
Horrid Claws Barbed Devil Your claws are brutal weapons.
Imperious Command Drow, Cha 17, Trained in Intimidate You strike a deep and abiding terror in your foes.
Impish Resistance Imp, 11th level Resist 2 + 1/2 level fire, cold, lightning
Improved Body of Air 11th level, Djinn, body of air racial trait You are immune to disease and poison.
Improved Deflect Arrows 21st level, Dex 19, Deflect Arrows You and your adjacent allies have improved defense against incoming arrows and thrown weapons.
Improved Dragon Breath One other draconic related lineage feat
Improved Flight Aeroforged, 11th Level Fly faster when using Flight Form
Improved Half-Dragon Flyby
Improved Mystic Fury 11th level; Mystic Fury utility power You have learned to channel more energy into Mystic Fury, being able to cast Elemental Storm farther and with more power than before.
Improved Shadow Jaunt Shadar-Kai Your Shadow Jaunt power gains additional range, and you can choose to end the move as Invisible or Insubstantial.
Infernal Frost Wyvernborn You get the power to use Infernal Frost
Innate Apathy Vasharan (human subrace) You don't really understand the concept of carring about someone else. You can't understand how to build a link with a creature. You better at killing on your own. Now you become better in this tactic
Invigorating Growth Duergar, expansion racial power
Kelpie Skin Pooka Your very skin becomes a slippery trap with which to catch your unwary victims.
Kor Hook Mastery 11th level, Kor, Flail Expertise (MME) Hook damage die size increases by 1 and it gains high crit
Leviathan Level 11, Fel Orc (4e Race) Your reverence towards your Fel Orc origins results in an absolutely massive size, unaturally created by the legion's hellfire. Your ability to carry heavy objects is improved, and you are treated as if one size larger.
Me Smash! 11th level, Ogrillon, Str 15 You let out a throaty cry and thrust your fists straight through the stone door, turning the masonry to powder.
Mind Eater Mind Flayer. 17 int You have eaten enough brains for a new lore.
Mixed Evolution Rakshia, Must not have any other advanced evolution feat. Varying circumstances give you a wide variety of adaptations.
Numbing Rage Drakkoth Being bloodied only encourages you to survive.
Nyoijizai's Blessing Tsuku-Master, nyoijizai's reach class feature
Overlord's Last Stand Overlord (4e Race), Level 11 The Overlord's Immense Power emerges.
Pack Tactics Gnoll
Pain Intolerance Female Dracon Dracon females are known for their soft skin, sensitive nerves, and refined sense of touch. As such, they can feel greater extremes of pleasure and pain than the males of their kind, at the cost of being able to stand as much damage. Nevertheless, a female Dracon who has experience as an adventurer can use this to her advantage, by better knowing how badly she is hurt and when it may be prudent to retreat. Your bloodied hp value can become 2/3 and gain a +2 against ongoing damage when not bloodied
Pain Tolerance Male Dracon Dracon males are known for their ability to keep fighting, even after losing large amounts of blood and receiving grievous wounds. Dracon soldiers especially benefit from this in combat, as they can keep fighting long after the warriors of other races would have given up.
Parrying Claws Claw Fighter, Level 11 You are quick enough with your claws that you can catch blades out of the air.
Persistent Flames Genasi, Fire Soul Manifestation
Poison Spell Arachnomancer, or ability to use one or more arcane powers You can mystically transfer poison with your spells.
Poison Talons 11th level, Claws of the Beast, Demonic Ancestry Your claws drip with poison.
Potable Mastery Monk, Drunken Master To any other man, a jug of wine would hinder their capabilities, but to you it is like a refreshing gust of wind that blows away your pain.
Precise Vengeance Rakshasa You make sure to hit those who do you harm.
Psychopath's Indifference Vasharan (human subrace) as a vasharan, you have no instinctive revulsion for vermin such as snakes, insects, or rats, and are not at all bothered by filth or gore. For your those thing are simply nothing as long it's not usefull to you
Raging Attack Grimlock Your damaging power is boosted by your experience.
Raking Claws Claw Fighter, Level 11 Quick swipes work fine for some, but you'd rather your opponent fall after one good slash.
Rapid Pelt 11th level, Feral Lioneer, lion's pelt power You can morph with your pelt faster.
Raven Queen's Servant Shadar-Kai, Benighted Birthright and/or Winter Favored You gain increased resistance to Cold or Necrotic damage.
Reap and Fade Shadar-Kai; wielding a scythe. You can attack with a scythe and Shadow Jaunt simultaneously.
Rear and Strike Gritaur Long training has taught you to keep your balance and hold your weapons ready even when rearing up to strike with your claws.
Repeated Regal Roar 11th level, Regal Lioneer, roar of the jungle king power You can use your roar more than once.
Rider of the Web Any one spider rider multiclass feat, paragon multiclassing as a spider rider
Santoryuu Fighter, 11th level, Two-Weapon Fighting You have learnt santoryu, the three-sword style.
Scholar of the Web Any one arachnomancer multiclass feat, paragon multiclassing as an arachnomancer
Secret Shot Trained in Stealth, Level 11 When you are hidden and make a ranged attack, you may make a stealth check to remain hidden.
Serrated Claws Level 11 Your claws have the high crit property.
Shadow Tactician Twili, Warlord +1 Reflex and AC to allies in dim or darker light
Sharp Claws Level 11 Your claws use d8 instead of d6.
Silkcraft Mastery II 11th level, Ettercap (4e Race), Silkcraft Mastery I Your silk cuts deeper. Your traps are more devious.
Soaring Form Avern, spirited updraft racial power, druid wild shape power Improve spirited updraft' racial power while in beast form.
Sorrow's Scythe Shadar-Kai, and wielding a Scythe You are able to mark and cause additional damage with your Scythe.
Soul Fist Your hands are implements.
Soul Fury Allows your unarmed attacks to deal an elemental type of damage, and treats your unarmed strikes as High Crit weapons.
Spider Climb Ettercap (4e Race) You learn to use your sticky webbing to traverse walls and ceilings.
Splashing Blood Wyvernborn Your blood splashes far to freeze your enemy
Split Spell 11th level, Dex 15, wizard Make a secondary attack with arcane ranged powers
Strengthened Wings Succubus (4e Race) Your wings become empowered through use and can now take to new heights.
Stripedscale 11th level, Triton, Adaptive Resistance Your scales adaptivity allows you to draw on multiple resistances at once.
Sylvan Nimbleness 11th level, Kokiri Race You can use forested undergrowth in your favor, swinging around branches and ducking through brambles to avoid your enemies' pitfalls
Tail Fighter Gritaur, Dex 17 Studying the tribe's warriors has convinced you to try and copy their fighting style. Holding both arms and tail constantly ready to strike isn't easy, but you manage well enough!
Tail of Flames Seishin Kitsune You grow one more tail. At this level you finally start to grasp the true power of the kitsune spirit.
Taunting Voice Derro, scream of insanity racial power
Teachings of the Web Any one arachnomancer multiclass feat, paragon multiclassing as an arachnomancer Gain arachnomancer tactics class feature
Tentacles Everywhere Farspawn, Level 11, Tentacles abhorrent form Your tentacles are in constant motion, granting you threatening reach.
The Beast Within Minotaur or Goliath You may wield weapons as if you were one size larger, or as if you were a large creature, and can wield two-handed weapons in one hand as if they are one-handed weapons.
Though the Darkness 11th level; Erid, Gloom Erid trait As a being of shadow, you are accustomed to moving through the darkness.
Totem Master Hunter (Shaman), Spirit Totem (Shaman Encounter Power) You may summon two totems with your Spirit Totem power.
Tripping Tail Iejirisk, Str 17 or Dex 17, tail whip racial power You've gotten better at maneuvering your tail in combat, specifically so it ends up wrapped around a foe's leg.
Truly Gnarled 11th level, Ogrillon, gnarled, Con 15
Twilight Hunter Twili, Shadow Form racial power Combat advantage after Shadow Form
Vow of the Spider Queen Must worship Lolth You can use the Deadly poison power as a daily power
Warding Tail Gritaur, Dex 17 You have learned to use your tail to ward yourself from enemies that flank you or otherwise has some kind of advantage against you.
Wyvern Quickness Wyvernborn, Dex 17 Your past gives you improved speed
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