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Once you will know them little men, your heart will be filled with anger and shame. All the darker aspect of humanity will take all your hopes and dreams. I already saw them and once you know them you understand why humans are the real monsters

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'10 - 6'4
Average Weight: 170 lbs to 250 lbs
Ability Scores: +2 In one ability of your choice
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Abyssal
Skill Bonuses: none
Special: You must be evil or chaotic evil and have no deity because vasharan generaly don't understand the concept of goodwill and compassion. They are somewhat psychopath by nature. also, vasharan have a extreme hatred for gods and divine entities.
Extra dark At-will power: You have an extra At-will power from your class but it deal necrotic damage regarless the damage type before
Bonus vile feat: You gain a bonus feat but that feat must be one of the vasharan racial feat
Human Bonus skill: You gain training in one aditional skill from you class skill list
Human Defense bonus: you gain +1 to fortitude, reflex and will defense class

The vashar were the gods' first attempt at creating humans, albeit an attempt that went horribly wrong. The gods sent their creation in a forest and the first thing this human did was running after a deer to hunt it. Once the critter was exausted, the human took it and brutally feast on the fleash of the beast without any tool. The hunter simply guted the deer with his bare hand and ate the raw meat. After, he took the bones and skin to make himself a piece of cloth and a bone shiv The gods were first impressed by the human ingeniousity as their creation immediately began to fashion a tool from the animal's remains. Then the vasharan lifted the shiv toward god yelling "death to all gods!" Before attacking them. Horrified and Disgusted with the outcome of their attempt, the gods slew the man and departed, not to try again for a long time.

However, a demon, perhaps impressed or simply amused by the newly-made creature's audacity and hate, took the remains to a high, almost impossible to reach plateau. There he resurrected him and fashioned a woman of his own sort, and gave them the ability to breed, before leaving them to their own devices. (Which demon is not exactly known. Sometimes it is said to have been the demon lord Graz'zt. Some legends even say that it was a succubus, who in that version takes the place of the woman and births the male's children, imbuing the race with demonic blood.)

Vasharans and humans have a relationship comparable to drow and elves; that is, vashar are still human, but an utterly corrupt and evil form of human. But, in that case, vasharans and humans are physically very similar and most humans forgot vasharan's existence.

Play an Vasharan if you want...

  • To be a race that is resourcefull, hatefull with enough determination to face any challenge
  • To have the most versatility and flexible of any race and excel at any class you want
  • To be able to forget your morality and humanity to satify your greed and your bloodlust
  • To have no god to pray and follow and the desire to destroy them

Physical Qualities[edit]

Vasharan are pretty similar to human if not almost identical. most creature are not able to make the difference between a normal human and a vasharan. But a expert can notice that vasharan are singly taller than other humans and have black hairs and their skin is very pale to white

Attitudes and Beliefs[edit]

They hate every god even the evil ones because they think gods are dominators. They only believe themselves and rarely some demons.

Vasharan Communities[edit]

Vasharans have no concept of love, kindness, or caring. All sex among the Vashar occurs because of rape. They have no taboos against acts such as rape and incest, no instinctive revulsion for vermin such as snakes, insects, or rats, and are not at all bothered by filth or gore.

Despite their nature, vasharan society is apparently quite orderly. While they despise each other to a certain extent, murder is a rarity, and the society is extremely democratic, with a council of elders enforcing their handful of laws. Vasharans would rather kill themselves than submit to a rule of tyranny and may explain their utter hate for gods. The vashar seem to have a desire for freedom from a more powerful influence, taken to its extreme. This hatred is what binds them together as a society, despite their apparent anarchistic leanings. Since they don't worship gods, vasharan clerics use divine energy stolen from other deities' priests.

While their entire society revolves around engineering the death of gods, Vashar are apparently mostly neutral towards other races, and treat them as normal humans would. Thus, as far as other beings are concerned, the Vashar are likely more amoral, not caring if members of other races live or die (or need to be killed) than directly hostile or malicious.

Despite their own desire for freedom, vashar apparently sometimes descend from their plateau to capture slaves

Vasharan Adventurers[edit]

Like humans, the Vasharan is very adaptive and diverse but since they are unable to act by pure kindness, they will act for individual gain and ambition or simply for an urge of destruction. They are good to play any class and any role. Just notice that they mostly don't pray any gods.

Vasharan Charactheristics: Adaptable, ambitious, bold, merciless, creative, driven, rebellious and antipathic

Vashanran Names: Vasharan and humans have no differences in this category

Roleplaying a Vasharan[edit]

When creating a vasharan adventurer, here are a few points to consider.

You don't want to be friendly that is a waste of time. Death is not tragical, just something that happen every day. The world belong to mans not to gods.

Ana is a Vasharan sorcerer, a chaos mage who has devloped her arcane power to conquer and plunder village and cities. her robe is rags covered of blood and gut of her enemies. She seek to burn every temple and church that belong to any god she cross by. Also she decide to go away from her birthplace at adulthood because she wanted to be dominated by no man alive.

Will is a Vasharan Battlemind, a psychic warrior who chose the dark side of his mind to destroy his ennemies with passion and hatred. His armor is made of piece of different armors from each paladin and cleric he slew. He take pleasure from breaking the mind of his victims. also, some rumor said that he bring no ration when he travel except some dismembered humanoid parts.

John is a Vasharan wizard, and his one true desire is for the power to kill gods. He adventure in search of forbiden artifact that will allow him to summon one the most unfamous destroyer of god titan the Hecatoncheires. He like no one but himself, for him nothing must exist and the world is simply a festival for madmans and dirt

Vasharan Feats[edit]

Heroic Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Paragon Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Psychopath's Indifference as a vasharan, you have no instinctive revulsion for vermin such as snakes, insects, or rats, and are not at all bothered by filth or gore. For your those thing are simply nothing as long it's not usefull to you
Epic Tier Racial Feats
Name Description

Paragon Paths: Nemesis of gods

Epic Destinies: (WIP)

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