Silkcraft Mastery II (4e Feat)

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Silkcraft Mastery II

Your silk cuts deeper. Your traps are more devious.
Prerequisite: 11th level, Ettercap (4e Race), Silkcraft Mastery I
Benefit: You are granted several benefits:
  • Weapons created with your silkcraft powers now have a +4 enchantment bonus and cause an extra 4d6 damage on a critical hit.
  • The zone of spiderwebs created by your web silkcraft power is now close blast 5.
  • When you use Cord silkcraft to create a tripwire, you can anchor one against an obstacle up to 10 squares away or anchor two against obstacles up to 5 squares away.
  • Instead of creating a weapon or a trap, you can manafacture one of the following items. This takes one hour.
    • Backpack (PHB)
    • Bedroll (PHB)
    • Belt Pouch (PHB)
    • Camouflaged Clothing (MME)
    • Cloth Armor (PHB)
    • Cold Weather Clothing (MME)
    • Desert Clothing (MME)
    • Fine clothing (PHB)
    • Footpads (PHB)
    • Hidden Item Compartment (MME)
    • Sack (MME)
    • Snare (MME)
    • Silk rope, 50 ft. (PHB)
    • Tent (PHB)
    • Waterskin (PHB)

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