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While similar to the Dragonborn in many ways, the Dracons are an artificial, not natural race. Dracons were created as a result of an experiment which mixed human and dragon blood; the resulting creature was less pure than a Dragonborn and not as powerful as a half-dragon, but it was still a good race, possessing many features of humanity and the dragons. The Dracons have significantly less variety than the Dragonborn; their only breath weapon is acid, and while all of the race has tails, none of the Dracons ever have wings.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'4" - 6'8"
Average Weight: 110 - 220 lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Strength or Dexterity
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Draconic, Common
Skill Bonuses: Male: +2 Athletics, + 2 Endurance; Female: +2 Acrobatics, +2 Perception
Dracon Breath: You can use dracon breath as an encounter power.
Dragon Heritage: Your healing surge value is equal to one fourth of your maximum hit points + Constitution Modifier.
Dracon Defense: Male dracons gain a +1 racial bonus to Will; Female dracons gain a +1 racial bonus to Reflex
Dracon Movement: Male dracons gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls against bloodied foes; Female dracons gain a +5 racial bonus to athletics checks made to climb.

Dracon Breath Dracon Racial Power
When in need, a cloud of acid can be emitted from your mouth.
Encounter Star.gif Acid
Minor Action Close blast 3
Attack: Constitution + 2 Vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d6 + Constitution modifier acid damage.
Miss: Half damage
  • Level 11: Constitution + 4; 2d6 damage
  • Level 21: Constitution + 6; 3d6 damage

Dracons were created long after the Dragonborn came forth. While the empire of the Dragonborn fell, the Dracons were an attempt at "trying again" for the draconic races. So far, the Dracons control several important cities, have built several large palaces and major temples, and control trade routes through an inhospitable desert. Despite the size and relative level of civilization of their cities, it should be noted that these settlements are few and far between; most Dracon territory is empty wasteland with a few mines, oases, and farms (along with some grazing lands.) The Dracons are warlike and will fight over the scarce resources in the deserts. Most Dracons live in the countryside as nomadic herders, as merchants (known for their caravans), or as farmers along rivers or oasis. A significant number of Dracons also live in their cities, which are centers of trade, religion, magic, and crafts. Each city is ruled by a king, and the cities are independent; while each may have possessions and control small oasis towns, mines, quarries, and certain sites out in the desert (like temples, forts, or trade routes), there is no such thing as a Dracon Empire.

Play a Dracon if you want...

  • To have powers based on gender as much as race.
  • To be part of a draconic nation who has not lost its civilization.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the fighter or warlord classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Dracons look like Dragonborn in that they have similar scales, fangs, and claws. Dracons, however, possess a tail, two horns on their head, and no wings. Furthermore, their faces are decidedly more pointed and beak-like than the Dragonborn. The Dracons have four limbs, no visible ears, fangs, three clawed toes and a spur on their heel, and four clawed fingers (including a thumb.) They are frequently colored red (by far the most common color), brown, gray, or green, Other colors exist as well, but are rare.

Female members of the Dracon race are smaller then their male counterparts. A female Dracon's chest, belly and the palms of her hands and soles of her feet are sometimes colored a shade of either white or pale yellow; all parts of the males are the same hue. Male Dracons are decidedly stronger and tougher than the females, whereas the females are well balanced and agile, as they were designed to be by the mages who created the race.

Dracon clothing is designed to be utilitarian for males, ornamental for females; Dracons never use footwear. All Dracons breathe acid regardless of what color they are. The acid generated by most Dracons isn't very powerful, but adult males can do damage with it in battle.

Dracons mature at the same rate as humans, but can live for half again as long on average. Dracons have superior vision to humans or Dragonborn, having had this aspect of their being taken directly from dragons. As such, they have darkvision and superior perception. A Dracon's eyes can be colored brown, yellow, red, blue, or green, and all Dracons have a cat-like slit for their pupils (as dragons do as well.)

Playing a Dracon[edit]

Unlike the honor-bound Dragonborn, Dracons are more inclined to chaos and are not known for keeping their word. While strength and skill are respected, it is valued less than the results of one's actions. Most Dracons are consequentialists; they care about the ends, not the means. If their king kills a rival nations' children in a sneak attack on their villages, it is considered okay as long as the war is won. The Dracons do adhere to a few set rules, mostly regarding strength and relative position in society. In their minds, the stronger one is right, and whoever can force his way into power makes the law. This is bad for a number of reasons, and has had an impact on Dracon society.

Weaker member of Dracon society (the poor, the sick, slaves, females), are treated poorly by those who are stronger than they are. While there may be some ways out of this bad situation (for example, a poor Dracon can join an army and hope that he can get rich off of plunder, or a female can marry a richer male), most Dracons who have a low social level are stuck. Dracon society is unfair for many, and this can be a reason some would seek to leave their lands and become adventurers; should a Dracon gain great wealth and return home in glory, he can lead a rich, content existence.

Pressures for leaving their homelands and becoming adventurers are many; the slums of the Dracon cities are filled with crime, the poor are treated terribly, those who fall into debt can be enslaved, and there isn't enough land to farm in the desert. Negative politics are another reason; the rulers of the Dracon cities practice rule by force, not by rule of law. The kings of the cities rule mostly for their own benefit; the fact that people in the city have to be kept barely safe in order to be taxed is the main reason why there are city walls and guards in the first place. Nobles live in their own mansions and palaces, and keep themselves safe behind gates, thick walls, and in tall towers.

A Dracon city is scarcely safer than the wilderness surrounding it. The city's guards rarely respond to crimes committed against the poor, and the rich can afford to hire armed defenders to secure their own property. In the city, one will find polytheistic cults, ornate temples, busy marketplaces, many beggars (usually crippled and/or female Dracons), countless clawed footprints in the sandy ground in the common areas, stone streets in the richer areas, and every major Dracon city has an arena, where criminals, slaves, scapegoats, and those desperate, brave, or foolish enough to fight in the arena for cash may be found.

When in lawful lands, Dracons may be confused by such concepts as inherent dignity, faith, rights, the rule of law, or monogamy. While the Dracons might initially enjoy the greater security that a lawful city offers, they will often grow tired of the seemingly unnecessary limits on their actions, and may want to move on. Dracon adventurers and an increasing share of the general population know how to speak common, although the majority of Dracons do not.

For more information, see Dracon Civilization.

Dracon Characteristics: Relativist, flexible, crafty, unreliable, focused on the present.

Male Names: Kaedril, Braxus, Ethilion, Acaedd, Firadon.

Female Names: Draconia, Alima, Jerausa, Kaudia, Vaesa.

Dracon Adventurers[edit]

Adykon: Hailing from the wilderness, Adykon was raised as a goat herder for most of his youth. When he was old enough to fight, he was conscripted into the army of a local lord and sent to fight against the forces of a neighboring region. Having distinguished himself in war, Adykon quickly rose through the ranks to become an officer, but after the war ended, cutbacks were made to the army, and Adykon found himself having to hire his services out as a mercenary. He is a skilled warlord, and has experience both fighting alone and as part of a unit.

Rhiga: Born in the Dracon city of Hekaga, Rhiga's early life was one of poverty, having been raised by her mother alone, as neither she nor her mother knew who her father was. Her mother was a dancer, and taught this skill to her daughter. Even with steady work, Rhiga was often unable to make both ends meet due to her low wages and the fact that few other occupations are open to females in Dracon lands. Her brother was a thief who taught her how to steal if she needed to get more than she was being paid. For a couple of years, Rhiga was able to steal from rich Dracons who hired her to perform for their feasts. Because many guests arrive at such events, it would be difficult to pin the blame on any one individual if the host discovered that some of his valuables were stolen. Unfortunately, Rhiga's luck ran out when she attempted to steal from the prince of Hekaga. While she managed to escape, she cannot safely return to the city, and thus, she hit the road, and has gained experience since her flight from the Hekaga. Rhiga is a mid-level rogue who is currently on the run from the law of her home city.

Acerrast: A high-ranking mage with a great tower in the desert, Acerrast is a well-known power to be reckoned with. A powerful wizard, Acerrast hires his services out to the highest-paying lord he can find. He isn't an evil power, but he is unconcerned with morality one way or another. Like all powerful Dracon mages, he has a tendency to fall victim to excess; he and his 27 wives have expensive tastes.

Dracon Racial Options[edit]

Heroic Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Paragon Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Pain Intolerance Dracon females are known for their soft skin, sensitive nerves, and refined sense of touch. As such, they can feel greater extremes of pleasure and pain than the males of their kind, at the cost of being able to stand as much damage. Nevertheless, a female Dracon who has experience as an adventurer can use this to her advantage, by better knowing how badly she is hurt and when it may be prudent to retreat. Your bloodied hp value can become 2/3 and gain a +2 against ongoing damage when not bloodied
Pain Tolerance Dracon males are known for their ability to keep fighting, even after losing large amounts of blood and receiving grievous wounds. Dracon soldiers especially benefit from this in combat, as they can keep fighting long after the warriors of other races would have given up.
Epic Tier Racial Feats
Name Description

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