Silkcraft Mastery I (4e Feat)

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Silkcraft Focus

You produce silk at an increased rate. It becomes keen-edged - better able to find chinks in armor.
Prerequisite: Ettercap (4e Race), web silkcraft or cord silkcraft racial utility powers
Benefit: You are granted several benefits:
  • You now can use your silkcraft power(s) twice per day.
  • Weapons created with your silkcraft powers have a +2 to enhancement bonus and cause an extra 2d6 damage on a critical hit. In addition, attacks made with these weapons that target AC may instead target Reflex.
  • If an enemy is knocked prone in the zone of spiderwebs created by your web silkcraft power, they are also immobilized (save ends).
  • Creatures suffer a -2 penalty to their perception to spot tripwires created by your cord silkcraft, and a -2 penalty to their saving throw to avoid being knocked prone.

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