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Pain Intolerance [Racial]

Dracon females are known for their soft skin, sensitive nerves, and refined sense of touch. As such, they can feel greater extremes of pleasure and pain than the males of their kind, at the cost of being able to stand as much damage. Nevertheless, a female Dracon who has experience as an adventurer can use this to her advantage, by better knowing how badly she is hurt and when it may be prudent to retreat. Your bloodied hp value can become 2/3 and gain a +2 against ongoing damage when not bloodied
Prerequisite: Female Dracon
Benefit: When beneficial, you may treat your bloodied value as 2/3 of your maximum HP rather than 1/2. Additionally, gain a +2 racial bonus to all saves against ongoing damage when not bloodied.
Special: Only Dracon females may select this feat; male Dracons have their own feat related to this one, Pain Tolerance

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