Dragon-Blooded Ire (4e Feat)

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Dragon-Blooded Ire[edit]

Tier: Paragon

Prerequisite(s): Half-Dragon, Variant

Benefit: You gain the Dragon-Blooded Ire power.

Dragon-Blooded Ire Daily Feat Power
"As her blood falls to the ground, the Half-Dragon roars and leaps upon the foe that dared strike her, eyes burning with an animalistic desire to kill."
At Will (Special)

Trigger: You are bloodied by an attack.
Immediate Reaction
Once per day when you are bloodied, you regain the use of any Encounter Power, move or fly to a square within range of the enemy that bloodied you, and attack it with that Encounter Power. This movement does not provoke Opportunity Attacks. If the attack you wish to use has not been used, you may use it once for free as a part of this attack. In addition, you gain a bonus to accuracy equal to the number of times you have been bloodied today (Minimum 1).

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