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Other Fighter Feats: This is a catch-all for fighter feats that do not fit any of the above categories. This includes feats related to flanking and initiative.

Other Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Able-Bodied Strength Defeat a monster with a Large or higher size category, Have at least 1 DR that cannot be bypassed, Str: 20+, Fast Healing 10, Lightning Reflexes, Combat Reflexes Your body has such great endurance and super-humanoid abilities that your strength is greatly increased.
Accurate Strike Base attack bonus +4, Dex 16, Weapon Finesse, Improved Critical, Weapon Focus (chosen weapon) Your Dexterity helps to amplify the accuracy of melee attacks.
Accurate Strikes BAB 3, Proficiency with melee weapons, Weapon Focus. Your melee strikes are more accurate.
Accurate Strikes, Improved BAB +6, Proficiency with melee weapons, Accurate Strikes The next version of the Accurate Strikes feat.
Acrobatic Combat Mobility, Jump 10, Dex 15+ The use of acrobatics and jumping to always be on the move to avoid attacks.
Additional Bonded Weapon Base attack bonus +8, Improved Critical (with Weapon), Proficient With Weapon, Weapon Focus (with Weapon), Weapon Specialization (with Weapon) You may bond with an additional weapon
Additonal Skill Training Must have a minimum of 9 in desired skill's key ability You have received training in one skill which is not usual for your class, and you seem to be good at it.
Advanced Training Dex 13, Int 13, BAB +1 You train with the tools of war to an unusual degree.
Agile Brawler Dexterity 15 You are a nimble fighter, using your superior dexterity to gain the upper hand.
Agile Strikes BAB +3, Str +14, Dex +14, Proficiency with melee weapons You combine your agility with your strength for the best results
All-Out Attack BAB +3, Reckless Offense, Int 13 You ability to shift your focus from defense to offense is greatly improved.
Altered Unarmed Strike Improved Unarmed Strike You can inflict different types of damage with your unarmed strikes.
Alternate Strikes Base attack bonus +6 You may alternate attacks between two weapons.
Amazon (3.5e Prestige Class)
Ambidextrous Minimum Dexterity 14 You can use both hands equally well.
Anything Goes Combat Dex 13, Int 13 In your hands almost anything is a dangerous weapon
Anything Goes Long Dex 13, Base attack bonus +4 You can throw nearly anything - ale tankards, rocks, bags of coins - and make it hurt.
Apprehend Str 15, Dex 12, Weapon Focus on chosen weapon You ever think to yourself hey, "I want to be Scorpion but with a huge ass weapon?" Well we have a feat for you!
Arcanist Buckler Speciality any Arcane class Sometimes even one point of AC can mean life or death
Armor Born Heavy armor proficiency, Strength 22, Dexterity 20, Medium size or larger, Endurance You are strong enough that armor does not restrict your movements.
Armor Focus, Greater Proficiency with selected armor, Armor Focus (3.5e Feat) with selected armor, Fighter level 8th Choose one type of armor for which you have already selected Armor Focus (3.5e Feat). You can also choose exotic armors for the purposes of this feat.
Armor Focus, Variant Base Attack Bonus +1, Proficiency with selected armor Choose one type of armor. You can also choose exotic armors for the purposes of this feat.
Armor Mastery Armor Focus, Armor Specialization, Base Attack Bonus +8, Proficiency with selected armor You have mastered a wide range of armor. Your training with one specific weapon now extends to other armors of a similar sort.
Armor Material Focus Base Attack Bonus +1 Choose a special material (Such as adamantine or dragonhide), when wearing armor crafted of that material, you move easier.
Armor Specialization Armor Focus (with selected armor), fighter level 4th, Proficiency with selected armor Choose one type of armor that you have Armor Focus with. You can also choose exotic armors for the purposes of this feat. You gain more AC when wearing this type of armor.
Armor Specialization, Greater Proficiency with selected armor, Armor Focus, Variant, Armor Focus, Greater, and Armor Specialization Choose one type of armor that you already selected Armor Specialization (3.5e Feat). You can also choose exotic armors for the purposes of this feat.
Ascetic Fighter Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (any), At least 1 level in Fighter Combine Fighter and Monk levels to determine Unarmed Strike damage, Fighter level and bonus feats
Augmented Aura Cha 15, Iron Will, and either a class ability that includes an aura effect (such as a paladin's Aura of Courage, a dragon shaman's Draconic Aura, or a hexblade's Aura of Unluck abilities) or an ability to cast spells that include aura-like effects. The power of your personality gives you a commanding presence on the battlefield. Your allies see your gallant efforts worthy of recognition- your enemies fear you equally so. You have a lasting effect on all who see you in action.
Avalanche Charge Mobility, Spring Attack, skirmish +1d6 When you charge, you've learned to strike hard and fast while flowing through your enemy's ranks.
Back to Feet Base attack bonus +3, Dex 14, Str 16/18 You are so strong that you can make it back to feet just by using you great Strength.
Back to Hand Base attack bonus +3, Dex 14 You are able to use one leg to push a fallen object from the ground up into you hand.
Balance Drills Dex 13, Lightning Reflexes
Batter Up! Str 15, Base Attack Bonus +2 Take a baseball swing to trade accuracy for a better chance at a critical.
Battle Cry Cha 15 Your voice inspires greatness in battle.
Battle Jump BAB +1 A falling charge that can be initiated with a running jump.
Battle Mage Concentration 12+ ranks You are an experienced battle mage, skilled not only at defending yourself while casting spells against your opponents, but in maneuvering the battlefield as you do so.
Battle Momentum Combat Reflexes, Str 13, Dex 13, base attack bonus +6 Your strength and force when fighting can send you deeper into enemy lines with every swing.
Be Efficient Dex 15, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, base attack bonus +6 Snipin' is a good job mate.
Beat 'Em With The Wet Part Improved Sunder, Str 16 You nasty, nasty beast.
Blind Fanaticism 3 HD, 18 CHA Spur others to greater lengths of Fanaticism
Blood Spit When taking a big hit, you can spit the blood that you cough up into your opponents eyes and blind them.
Bloody Mess Base Attack Bonus +6 For some reason, creatures you kill always seem to die in the most horribly violent manner possible.
Blunt Trauma Str 13 Hit harder with blunt weapons against creatures with damage reduction.
Boosted Metabolism, Variant Base Fortitude Save of 10
Born to Rule Intimidate 10 ranks When you fight, your enemies know fear.
Bow Mastery Weapon Focus (any Bow Or Crossbow), Base attack bonus +3 You are adept with either bows or crossbows.
Bow Sniper Precise Shot, +1 Base attack bonus You are skilled at using a bow to strike vulnerable spots
Breaking Point 20 CON, 20 WIS, Endurance, Diehard, Melee Classes only, +8 Base Will save, ECL 12 Through mastery over the mind, you can briefly bend your own body to your own will or Break it all together for a brief flash of glory.
Burst of Physical Strength Base Fortitude Save of 10, Endurance, Diehard, Melee Classes only (Fighter,Barbarian,Monk). In times of dire need we all have a bit of extra strength, but some of us can call upon this strength at all times.
Butterfly Flank Dex 15, Combat Reflexes, Lightning Reflexes, Base attack bonus +6 Your skill with a blade distracts and intimidates your opponent, catching them off balance and unaware.
Charioteering Ride 1 rank, Mounted Combat You have learned how to drive a chariot, and know how to use its full potential.
Clever Ricochet Dex 17, Int 15, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot You know how to bounce ranged attacks to get around an enemy's cover.
Clinch Dodge, Mobility, Base attack bonus +3 You have mastered the art of fighting at very close quarters.
Close Order Combat Base attack bonus +1 You are trained to fight in a close-order unit.
Close-Quarters Thrower Dex 13, Weapon Focus with selected thrown weapon. You have advanced enough agility to not be hit by melee attacks while throwing weapons or bombs.
Clothesline Improved Overrun, base attack bonus +6 You can charge past your foe and render him prone.
Colossus Climber Climb 20 Ranks, Balance 20 Ranks, Improved Grapple. Large opponents pose no problem to you, as you bravely scale their bodies and stab at their undersides, making it difficult for them to hit you in the process.
Combat Dancing Tumble(6 ranks), Balance(6 ranks), Jump(6 ranks), Dexterity 14 You've learned to use your exceptional acrobatic skill to some advantage in combat, enabling several actions.
Combat Focus Dodge, Improved Initiative, Base attack bonus +5 Paying little heed to distractions and other threats, you may focus your attacks on one opponent, leaving yourself open to others.
Combat Presence Base attack bonus +6, Cha 13+, Intimidate skill. Your skill at arms strikes fear into the hearts of your foes.
Combat Surge Improved Initiative, Base attack bonus +2 You can rush an action in combat at the cost of presenting opportunities to your opponents
Concerted Attack Base attack bonus +3 You are well trained in directing the efforts of others during a coordinated attack
Confident Strike Cha 13, +1 attack bonus. Your attacks are so cool they won't miss; in your opinion.
Confused Turtle Two Weapon Fighting You choose to wield two shields in place of a weapon in order to better protect yourself. But like a turtle with a rounded shell on top and bottom, this choice makes you look a little confused.
Counter Throw Str 13, Improved Grapple, base attack bonus +6 You are able to throw a charging opponent.
Crippling Stab Slight of Hand +4, BAB +6, Light Weapon Proficiency, A weapon that deals Piercing or Slashing Damage. Quickly stab an enemy to get them to break their concentration.
Critical Weapon BAB +15, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization Your training with your specified weapon has taught you how to deal the most damage.
Cunning Dodge Int 13
Cunning Feint Int 13, Improved Feint
Cunning Strike Int 15, base attack bonus +6
Cut From the Air Power Attack, Str 13, Dex 13, Combat Reflexes You can cut ranged attacks coming at you or adjacent to you.
Damage Deflection Shield Proficiency
Dancing Dodge 15 Dex or Cha You can dance your way around your opponents attacks.
Deafening Roar Tanreiss The sound of your roar can deafen friend and foe alike.
Dexterous Attack Dex 13, BAB +1 You utilize your eye-hand coordination to make your attacks more deadly.
Dodge Improved Dexterity 13 You are adept at dodging blows and you improve your dodging skills with time.
Dodge, 2nd Variant Dex 13 You nimbly evade slow and heavy attacks, putting clumsy opponents at a disadvantage.
Double Kick Dex 13
Drag 'em Down Llathrana You know how to bring your opponent to the ground
Dual Stance 2 known martial stances (Tome of Battle), Initiator Level 10 Use 2 martial stances (Tome of Battle) simultaneously for a limited amount of time.
Dual Strengths <!-A wielder of two blades has the ability to go even further beyond his current already amazing strengths->
Dual Strike Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Fighting You are an expert skirmisher skilled at fighting with two weapons. Your extensive training with two weapons allows you to attack with both while moving through a chaotic combat or fighting a running battle.
Easy Peasy Archery BAB +20, Dex 25, Proficient with weapon, Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Precise Shot, Improved Precise Shot, Improved Critical, Far Shot, Point Blank Shot Double your attribute bonus on ranged to hit rolls.
Effortless Power Attack Str 16 , BAB 9, Improved Power Attack,Redux, Power Attack Makes Power attack even better for the people that take it.
Elven Archery Dex 13, Base attack bonus +4 You are an expert in the art of elven archery.
Elven Bladesong Elf, Dex 13+, Combat Expertise, Mobility, Spring Attack, and Perform (Dancing) 4+ ranks. After years of study at a bladesinger academy or with a solitary master of the art, you have finally learned the first steps of the fabled bladesong.
Empowered Fist Base Attack Bonus +4 increase damage die of unarmed strike
Empty Quiver Base Attack Bonus +12, Dexterity 19, Improved Rapid Shot, Manyshot, Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Shot You darken the sky, as you empty your quiver.
Epic Spell Parry Base Attack Bonus +25, Combat Expertise, Int 13, Weapon Focus, wielding a magic weapon, Spell Parry, Improved Spell Parry, Greater Spell Parry Your spell parry attempts have a chance of automatically succeeding.
Expand Attack Base attack bonus +6 You can take this feat to improve your attack bonus for greater accuracy on your attack rolls. This feat gives you a +10 on your attack rolls.
Expeditious Dodge Improved Dexterity 13 You're good at avoiding attacks while moving quickly and you improve your dodging skills with time.
Expert Aim Precise Shot, Base attack bonus +6 You may attack with exacting precision, resulting in extra damage.
Extra Additional Attacks Str 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Power Attack, base attack bonus +6 Even the toughest foes cannot take that many blows.
Extra Arms, Variant You have more arms than is normal for your race.
Extra Kiai Shout Kiai Shout, Base attack Bonus +4 You gain extra uses of your Kiai Shout
Extra Maneuvers You know more maneuvers
Extreme Speed Dex 20, BAB 5 You have trained your body to the point of being able to move at supersonic speeds.
Falcon Punch Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike), Power Attack, ability to speak Common Your character can hit people with amazing force. The punch creates a field of flame around your fist that is shaped like a falcon. Your fist is protected from this flame but it is harmful to others around you.
Fateful Strike Base attack bonus +8, Str 13+, Cha 15+, Power Attack You can channel the essence of your spirit into your attacks, at a cost.
Fateful Strike Variant Base attack bonus +8, Str 13+, Cha 15+, Power Attack You can channel the essence of your spirit into your attacks, at a cost.
Firearm Sniper Proficiency with at least one firearm, Weapon Focus (any firearm), base attack bonus +1 You are adept in lining up accurate, deadly shots with your gun.
Fleet-Footed Two-Weapon Fighting Dex 19, Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Base attack bonus+12. If you are wearing light or no armor you suffer no penalties associated wielding two weapons.
Flip Dex 15 You can flip back up on your feet from a prone position.
Follow Up Base attack bonus +6 You can push through enemy lines to create a breach.
Forceful Impacts Power Attack, Str 16, Proficiency with all martial weapons or any exotic weapon Your blows with melee weapons can push enemies on successful strength checks.
Formation Expert Base attack bonus +6. You are trained at fighting in ranks and files.
Formation Fighter You are skilled at fighting alongside other men in close formation.
Full Force BAB 12+ , Str 16+, Power Attack, Proficiency with melee weapons. Your put all the force of your body into the attacks you make. You're are going at it full force.
Full Moon Stance Sense Motive 9 ranks, Weapon Focus (any one-handed slashing weapon), Quick Draw. You have practiced the art of iaido and can use it's style offensively and defensively.
Full Potential BAB 16+ , Power Attack , Proficiency with melee weapons. You use the full potential of your body when attacking enemies so you can bring maximum accuracy and damage to the battlefield.
Galagus Form Must have levels in Fighter or Barbarian; Must be a Galagian You have achieved a level of willpower that surpasses Galagus himself, and as such, you have the power to feed the shard of his soul that resides within you and take the form of a 3 ton metal skeleton, with powerful metal arms, and jade fire instead of eyes. This form lasts until all combat the Player is involved in has stopped.
GrandMaster Craftsman Character level 11th, 15ranks Craft, 12ranks repair This feat improves the users crafting and repairing abilities
Greater Additional Attacks Str 13, Int 13, base attack bonus +6, improved additional attacks Additional attacks are more precise.
Greater Armor Material Focus Base Attack Bonus +8 Choose a special material (Such as adamantine or dragonhide). While wearing armor crafted of that material, you move easier.
Greater Endurance <!-A short summary of the feat->
Greater Snap Reflexes BAB +8, Reflex Save +5, Sense Motive +9 Ranks, Dex 17, Wis 16, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Snap Reflexes, Improved Snap Reflexes, and conditional Improved Unarmed Strike. Your opponent's strike misses, but yours does not.
Greater Spell Parry Base Attack Bonus +20, Combat Expertise, Int 13, Weapon Focus, wielding a magic weapon, Spell Parry, Improved Spell Parry You are skilled enough at parrying spells that you can even deflect them back at their caster.
Greater Unarmed Training BAB+16; Improved Unarmed Training; Natural Weapons or Improved Unarmed Strike from a class that grants it for free. <!-A short summary of the feat->
Greater Weapon Material Focus Weapon Material Focus with selected material, Base Attack Bonus +8 Choose one type of material for which you have already selected Weapon Material Focus.
Greatweapon Quickness Str 13, Base attack bonus +4 Your mastery of this style reflects strengthened wrist muscles and honed reflexes, allowing blindingly fast strikes with the largest of weapons.
Grounded Horsebreaking Cleave Power Attack, Cleave, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Horsebreaker), Weapon Focus (Horsebreaker), Strength 24, and Monkey Grip or Powerful Build You can use Horsebreaking Cleave on targets that are not riding on mounts
Group Tactics BAB +1 You have trained in group tactics; you have learned to coordinate your attacks and create openings and opportunities when ganging up against a single target.
Guard Training You've spent countless days and nights on guard duty and know how to notice when somebody is sneaking around.
Hard Knock Life Diehard, Great Fortitude, Con 13
Heavy Armor Dash Heavy Armor Proficiency, Fast Movement or Dash, Run, Str 15 You are able to move at speeds that most would think impossible while in heavy armor
Heavy Fist Crystalforged You gain a deadly slam attack in addition to your normal attacks.
Heavy Infantryman You are skilled at spear and shield combat.
Heavy Power Attack Power Attack You are able to use one-handed weapons and light weapons more effectively with Power Attack.
Higher and Higher Alumaril, level 18 Alumarils with further training can fly even better and faster!
Hit & Run Base Attack Bonus 11, Dexterity 13 Constitution 13, Strength 13, Must be medium or larger, Combat Expertise You become a mobile fighter, deftly moving in and out of range to hit and not be hit.
Holy Armor Must worship a Deity with Divine Rank 10+, Strength 20+, Con 20+, Wis 20+, Knowledge Religion 10+ Ranks, Knowledge The Planes 10 Ranks, 3 levels in a religious class By worshiping a Deity of great power some of their Divine power seeps into you
Horsebreaker Training Small, Medium, or Large Size, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Horsebreaker), and Strength 24 Allows creatures of Medium, Large, and, on rare occasions, Small size to wield the horsebreaker
Horsebreaking Cleave Power Attack, Cleave, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Housebreaker), Weapon Focus (Horsebreaker), Strength 24, and Monkey Grip or Powerful Build You can cut through a horse and its rider in one stroke
Hot-Blooded Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +6 With your passion and fury, you sacrifice accuracy (and the chance at a critical hit) to roll extra damage dice!
Impenetrable Callouses Charisma less than 12 Gain a natural AC bonus
Improved Additional Attacks Int 13 Make additional attacks with higher accuracy.
Improved Armor Proficiency Heavy Armor Proficiency, +1 base attack You are more proficient with heavy armor
Improved Bow Sniper Bow Sniper, +5 Base attack bonus Your ability to line up accurate and deadly shots with your bow improves.
Improved Buckler Proficiency Shield Proficiency and a Dexterity score of 13 or higher You are extremely skilled in using a buckler.
Improved Chain Attack Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Weapon Focus (Spiked Chain) Int 13, Dex 13 The character can use his chain to trip the opponent and make suffer him with spikes
Improved Combat Focus You have practiced the art of two-on-one combat, enhancing your Combat Focus.
Improved Crossbow Sniper Crossbow Sniper (Player's Handbook II page 77), Precise Shot, base attack bonus +6 Your ability to line up accurate and deadly shots with your crossbow improves.
Improved Far Shot Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Base attack bonus +2 You can attack with ranged weapons more accurately at long range.
Improved Far Shot 2 Far Shot, Point Blank Shot, Base attack bonus +6 With amazing accuracy, you can shoot haphazardly at greater distances.
Improved Firearm Sniper Precise Shot, base attack bonus +6 You are even more adept in lining up accurate, deadly shots with your gun.
Improved Gigantic Weapon Str 19, base attack bonus +19, Gigantic Weapon
Improved Hawk Boomerang Proficiency 14 Dexterity, +4 Base Attack Bonus, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Hawk Boomerang), Weapon Focus (Hawk Boomerang) Allows a Soklylie to return to the thrower on a hit.
Improved Horsebreaking Cleave Power Attack, Cleave, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Horsebreaker), Weapon Focus (Horsebreaker), Strength 26, and Monkey Grip or Powerful Build Your ability to cut through a mount and its rider in one stroke is more fluid
Improved Monkey Grip Str 15, Base Attack Bonus: +6,Two-Weapon Fighting You can wield larger weapons than creatures of your size, even in your off hand.
Improved Point Blank Shot Point Blank Shot, Precise shot, Weapon Focus (ranged precision weapon) With this feat you learn to take advantage of the closeness of your ranged precision attacks.
Improved Power Attack, Redux Str 16 , BAB 6 Improved version of the Power Attack feat.
Improved Ranked Fighting Base attack bonus +6 or higher, Combat Reflexes When fighting in a rank with at least one ally who also possesses this feat, you can co-ordinate your attacks effectively and threaten your opponent's vital areas more easily.
Improved Rapid Shot Rapid Shot, Precise Shot, +3 Base Attack Bonus You are an expert at firing weapons with exceptional speed.
Improved Shield Evasion Shield Proficiency, Lightning Reflexes, Base reflex saving throw +5, Shield Evasion (3.5e Feat) and Base Attack Bonus + 6 Improved Shield Evasion is like Shield Evasion, except that even on a failed saving throw the character takes only half damage.
Improved Single Weapon Fighting Dexterity or Strength 17, Base Attack Bonus +6, Single Weapon Fighting You have trained even further with wielding a single weapon, becoming faster.
Improved Snap Reflexes BAB +6, Reflex Save +4, Sense Motive +7 Ranks, Dex 15, Wis 14, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Snap Reflexes, Any of the following; Improved Disarm, Improved Sunder, Improved Trip. Now your opponent's open themselves up to a limited Attack of Opportunity.
Improved Spell Parry Base Attack Bonus +15, Combat Expertise, Int 13, Weapon Focus, wielding a magic weapon, Spell Parry Your likelihood of parrying an incoming spell improves.
Improved Target Concentration 8 Ranks Through practice you have learnt to maintain a focus on a single foe while maintaining a solid defense.
Improved Tower Shield Bash Through further training, you can now keep your shield bonus when attacking with a tower shield
Improved Unarmed Training BAB+11; Unarmed Training; Natural Weapons or Improved Unarmed Strike from a class that grants it for free. <!-A short summary of the feat->
Improved Whip Proficiency Proficiency and weapon focus with a whip or similar weapon Your whip attacks are less useless.
Improvised Sneak Attack Weapon Finnesse,Weapon Focus Dagger (or dagger like object),Dex Of 18 Or Higher) Sometimes People Who Are Not Rouges Learn How To Surprise Enemies To Deal Extra Damage
Improvised Weapon Proficiency Proficiency with the chosen weapon You are skilled at using unconventional items as weapons. This feat extends proficiency with a normal weapon to all those that resemble it. When you take this feat, choose any one weapon.
Improvised Weapons Base attack bonus +2 Lower the non-proficiency penalty of weapons.
Increased Critical - Epic Base Attack Bonus +25, Proficient with weapon, Improved Critical, Great Cleave. Only the most powerful can show the power of their weapons.
Incredible Dexterity Defeat an enemy while they are denied their dexterity to their AC. Avoid an attack of opportunity from a creature 5 HD above you, Dexterity 18+ Through feats of great skill and precision, your coordination and manual dexterity have grown to incredible heights.
Indomitable Base attack bonus +2, Cha 13+ Your strength of spirit enables you to better withstand the slings and arrows of your foes.
Insight Archery Int 13+, Base Attack Bonus +1 Use your Int bonus on ranged attack rolls instead of Dex
Inspiring None. Your ability to command far exceeds your usual charm.
Intercept Shot Dex 13, Point Blank Shot You shoot enemies as they move across open terrain.
Intimidating Demise Power Attack, Cleave, Intimidate 10+ After slaying a foe in combat, you let out a battle cry that demoralizes all who can see you.
Katana Proficiency Your skills in the Katana are like that of a expert.
Keen Critical Improved Critical, BAB +12 You become even more adept at striking vital points of your enemies.
Keep Focused Wis 13, Iron Will
Knowledgable Strike Int 15+, Heal 4 ranks Your intelligence and knowledge of physiology allows you to identify how best to strike an opponent.
Knowledgeable Throw, Variant Int 16+ Apply your Intelligence modifier to throwing damage
Knucklehead Constitution 13
Large Two-weapon Fighting
Legendary Strength Defeat a monster with a CR 5 greater than yours. Survive in a fight where you were knocked below -7 HP, Must have 4 levels in a fighting class (fighter Paladin ect), 18+ Strength By defeating monsters stronger than you your body's strength has grown at a legendary rate
Lethal Whip Weapon Proficiency(Whip) Whip does lethal damage, among other things.
Love From Above Alumaril, level 9 Alumarils with enough training can actually begin to fly!
Martial Improvisation You can use anything you can carry as a light load as a weapon.
Martial Performer Fighter Bonus feat, Bardic Knowledge and Music
Master Caftsman Character level 7th, 10ranks Craft, 8ranks repair This feat improves the users crafting and repairing abilities
Master Initiative Wis 13, Improved Initiative Your reflexes are tuned to perfection.
Material Mastery Base Attack Bonus +16, Greater Armor Material Focus (3.5e Feat), Greater Weapon Material Focus (DnD Feat), Weapon Focus (any). Your training with your chosen material has made you far more dangerous to those damaged by it.
Memory in the flesh Knowledge (arcana) 10 Knowledge (history) 10, least 100 years old After years of physical training your own body has learned to dodge attacks that you suffer.
Mighty Death-Blow Fighter Level 18th, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Critical, Power Attack You can cleave heads in a single mighty blow.
Mighty Stunner Stunning Fist,Str 15 Replace your Stunning Fist Wis DC mod with Str mod
Monastic Strike Wis 13 Your training has granted you the grace and unarmed strike of a monk rather than that of the average peon.
Monk Weapon Focus Monk 1st Monks now can apply their unarmed damage to a special monk weapon.
Multi-Weapon Attack of Opportunity Dex 17, Three or more hands, Combat Reflexes, Multi-Weapon Fighting, Improved Multi-Weapon Fighting You can exploit an opponent's opening in combat with multiple weapons.
Multi-Weapon Fighting, Hasted Dex 17, Three or more hands, Multiweapon Fighting, Base attack bonus +9 You have learned to maximize the increased speed from haste to allow you to make additional off-hand attacks.
Multi-Weapon Fighting, Practiced Three or more arms, Multiweapon Fighting, Base attack bonus +9 Through training, a creature has learned how to fight with off-hand weapons as well as their primary.
Multihanded Weapon Dex 15, Multiweapon Fighting, Three or more arms, Base attack bonus +1 The creature can wield a weapon with three or more hands at once, like a human or dwarf can wield a weapon with two hands.
Net Master Proficiency with using the net as a weapon You are an expert in the use of the fighting net. You know how to throw the net to increase its effect on a victim, and you are skilled at controlling the movements of your victim.
Nimble Turning Dex 15, Con 15, Run, Fleet of Foot You develop your skills in turning beyond the normal range, allowing for fast rapid turning while running.
Oath of Iron Skin Must worship a Deity with Divine Rank 12+, Strength 22+, Con 22+, Wis 22+, Knowledge Religion 14+ Ranks, Knowledge The Planes 12 Ranks, Must have 4 levels in a religious class By taking an oath to the cosmos to take up a cause and follow it to the end
Oath of Unbreakable Devotion Strength 33, Wisdom 21. You must worship a Deity with Divine Rank 15. You must also have at least 4 levels in a religious class, and have a DR of 5. You take an oath to the Divine Energies and gain an aspect of a God.
Obtain Special Mount Level 5 You obtain a special mount, like a paladin would.
One Handed Crossbow Shot Dex 13 You ignore penalties for firing a crossbow with one hand.
One Handed Reloader Hand Crossbow Focus, Two Weapon Fighting, BAB +5 You are able to load a hand crossbow with surprising ease.
One-Handed Power Strike Proficiency with one handed melee weapons Your attacks with one handed weapons are stronger
One-Two Punch Improved Unarmed Strike, BAB 4+. You add an extra unarmed attack when your opponent least expects it.
Open Hand, Focused Mind Str 13 With your psionic ability you are a deadly opponent in unarmed combat.
Opportunity Shot Base attack bonus +8, Dex 13, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot You shoot so fast that you can make ranged attacks of opportunity at point-blank range.
Overpull Str 13 You have learned to overdraw the power of a bow to increase power while sacrificing accuracy.
Oversized Weaponry Str 19 You can use weapons that are two sizes too big.
Pack Attack You are trained to coordinate with others to bring down powerful enemies
Pack Initiative Pack Attack You can coordinate your initiative with pack mates.
Pansey Power Elf Increases the power of elves
Parry Focus Weapon Focus (chosen weapon) +2 AC against weapon attacks with chosen weapon
Persistent Fighter Training Fighter 3, Weapon Focus Your warrior training helps you get specific talents
Personal Technique Combat Expertise, Improved Feint Your ability to feint is hard to predict and more about mobility than personal.
Personalized Technique Combat Expertise, Personal Technique Your technique with weapons when the enemy drops their guard due to your actions can be stunning.
Phalanx Combat Shield Proficiency with your chosen shield and BAB +5 or higher. You are skilled at using your shield to create defensive formations--you can use your shield to defend your allies as well as yourself.
Phalanx Fighting Proficiency with a heavy shield, base attack bonus +1. You are trained in fighting in close formation with your allies.
Pierce Armor Base attack bonus +1 You have mastered armor-piercing weapons.
Pinpoint Shot Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot You take aim with ranged weapons more accurately when staying still.
Power Bow Power Attack, Point Blank Shot You can sacrifice accuracy for power with composite bows.
Power Health The strength of your muscles determines your total health, not the quality of what is inside.
Powerful Build Str 18 BaB +1 Use Weapons 1 size Category larger
Powerful Shield Bash Fighter, Strength 20+, have the Powerful Build racial ability or be Large size or larger Allows you to shield bash with a tower shield and similar shields
Powerful Strikes BAB 3, Proficiency with melee weapons, Weapon Focus. Your melee strikes are more powerful.
Powerful Strikes, Improved BAB +6, Proficiency with melee weapons, Powerful Strikes, Power Attack As the Powerful Strikes feat but improved.
Practiced Combatant Fighter level 3rd. Improves Base Attack Bonus for multiclassed Fighters lagging behind.
Precise Strike Dex 13 You sacrifice some of the force of your attack to assure your attack hits.
Precision Weapon Focus with the selected weapon. When using a ranged weapon, its attack modifier is increased by 1.
Prescient Strike Intelligence 13, Weapon Focus Your sharp mind discovers a critical flaw in your opponent's defenses, allowing you to slip past.
Prone-Fight Dex 15, Improved Trip, base attack bonus +6.
Pugilist Base Attack Bonus +1, 1st level character. You have been trained in the unarmed arts, be it through bar brawls, instinct, or rigorous training.
Quick Deadly Blows Weapon Finesse, Dexterity 13 You make deep and numerous cuts, punctures, and bruises that eventually pile up to take down your foe.
Range Spree Rapid Shot You can make an additional ranged attack after dropping an enemy
Ranged Dodge Dex 13. You're able to predict the path of projectiles, and get out of the way just in time.
Ranged Shield Pin Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Base attack bonus +2 You have mastered the art of striking an opponent's shield to knock it out of line, rendering it useless for defense.
Rapid Reload, Variant Weapon Proficiency (ranged weapon with a reload time). You know how to reduce the time it takes you to reload a weapon that you are proficient with.
Reaping Cleave Str 13, Base Attack Bonus +11, Supreme Cleave class ability, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave Allows you to move as you continually cleave through enemies.
Reckless Accuracy Strength 13, Dexterity 13, Base Attack Bonus: +1.
Reckless Attack Base attack bonus +1 Give up defense to make your attacks land more easily.
Reflex Shielding Shield Proficiency, Base attack bonus +3 You add the AC of your heavy shield to you base reflex saving throw.
Reload on the Run Dexterity 13+, Rapid Reload. You can reload a weapon while moving.
Robust Health Endurance Your robust health makes you tougher than normal.
Run and Gun Spring Attack, Shot on the Run, or Adroit Flyby Attack; Dexterity 16 When you can't stop to talk, but you wanna send a message.
Running Attack Dex 13, Run, Base attack bonus +2 You are especially fast and maneuverable on the battlefield.
Santoryu BAB+8, Dex 15, Str 13 You have achieved mastery with 3 sword combat.
Second Line Striker Base attack bonus +5, using a reach weapon You are so skilled with you reach weapon that you can easily attack from the second line.
Set Aside Base Attack Bonus +6 You are skilled at deflecting melee attacks.
Severing Strike Power Attack, Improved Critical You learn how to disarm an opponent. Or disleg him.
Shield Bearer Proficiency with any type of shield besides bucklers, base attack bonus +6, Improved Shield Bash Your skill with shields is exceptional, making you a better defender with any shield you know how to handle.
Shield Charge Base Attack Bonus +3, Improved Shield Bash. It allows you to charge your opponent and knock them down with your shield.
Shield Mount Mounted Combat, proficient with shields. You are adept at protecting your mount with your shield.
Shield Slam BAB +3, Improved Shield Bash, Shield Charge(3.5e Feat) Full Attack or Charge that Dazes target
Single Weapon Fighting Dexterity or Strength 15, Base Attack Bonus +1 You feel more comfortable fighting when you have a free hand and are able to better attack and defend.
Smash from Melee Strength 16+, Power Attack, Combat Reflexes, Cut from the Air, Smash for the Air, BAB 12+ With having a lot of requirements, this feat gives you the ability to parry incoming melee attacks.
Smash From the Air BAB +9 , Str 16, Dex 16, Power Attack , Cut From the Air Your powerful and swift attacks can slice ranged attacks out of the air.
Snap Reflexes BAB +4, Reflex Save +3, Sense Motive +5 Ranks, Combat Expertise, Dodge Read your opponent's movements as they act.
Sniper's Creedo Must be taken at character creation. Must be proficient in a weapon with a range above 150 feet. Trained as a sniper there is one thing you value above all. Stealth.
Solid Grip 17 Str, Weapon Focus Wield most 2-handed weapons in one hand
Soul of Battle Base attack bonus +9, Cha 15+ Your fighting spirit manifests itself in the heat of battle.
Spell Parry Base Attack Bonus +10, Combat Expertise, Int 13, Weapon Focus, wielding a magic weapon. You use your magical weapon to nullify an incoming spell.
Spirited Dive Fly speed, Flyby Attack The creature can perform a terrifying dive-bomb attack.
Spoken Vengence Combat Expertise, Toughness, Damage cannot prevent you from seeking revenge
Stab Base Attack Bonus +2.
Stance Mastery Dual Stance, Initiator Level 15 Use 2 martial stances (Tome of Battle) simultaneously.
Stand Your Ground Iron Will, Base attack bonus +4, Base Will save +2 You keep fighting no matter how scared you get.
Stealth Fighter Sneak attack 1d6, BAB +4 Fighters that train to be more like rogues but keep with the combat aspect of fighters
Stone Thrower Just as monks can slay with their fists your skill turns a common stone into a dangerous missile.
Stone Will 5 RanksConcentration Pain is not a limit, but a symbol of the strong. You know the difference.
Strategic Commander Int 13, Profession (Soldier) 10 ranks, Tactical Commander Your study of combat strategy makes you a capable general.
Strong Arm Intimidation Strength or Dexterity 16 Intimidate Checks gain your Base Attack Bonus.
Style Cha 13. If you're going to fight, you might as well look good doing it!
Super Focus Dodge Dodge, int 15
Superior Unarmed Strike Str 18, Dex 18, Con 18, Power Attack, BAB +6 A boost to the unarmed
Swift Defense DEX 18, CON 15, Improved Initiative, Non-Evil Defend one ally in movement range
Swift Fighting Style Alternate Fighting Style 2/day, Base attack bonus +3, Int 13 Your training makes you more capable or changing the style you're employing in less time, making it easier for you to change from longsword to bow to greataxe.
Swing for the Fences Str 18; Base Attack Bonus +7; Power Attack; Batter Up! Take a baseball swing to send enemies flying!
Sword and Shield Strength 15, Dexterity 15, Base Attack Bonus 6, Hold the Line You harden your body and your mind, taking more knock down while being able to deliver pin-point attacks.
Systematic Attack Base attack bonus +1 Your techniques, altough almost theoretical in their execution, are very successful and their predictability is countered by their effectiveness.
Tactical Commander Profession (Soldier) 5 ranks Your experience in warfare makes you a capable leader in combat.
Tactical Forfeit Combat Expertise, Weapon Focus, Wis 13, base attack bonus +9 Give up attacks to add those BABs to your next single attack.
Tactical Warrior Minor Aura, Major Aura +1, Grant Move Action 1/day, Weapon Specialization The tactical warrior blends the leadership qualities of the marshall with the martial training of the fighter.
Tanreiss Ambusher Tanreiss. You use your natural speed to strike enemies hard when they aren't looking.
Tanreiss Lunge Tanreiss, BAB +6. While charging, you unleash a series of brutal blows upon your opponent.
Tanreiss Roar Tanreiss. You let loose a powerful roar, striking fear into the hearts of enemies around you.
Target Combat Expertise You focus your attention on a single target becoming less aware of your surroundings and more accurate in your attacks.
Team Fighting Base attack bonus +1 You know how to fight as a pair, group, and in formation.
Terrifying Air Tanreiss. Your very presence is unsettling to opponents.
The Flame and the Void Cha 13 "The Flame and the Void" refers to the visualization of a flame in a void; all concerns - emotions, thoughts, even the concerns of life and death - are fed into the flame. This allows the character to become one with his surroundings.
The Mind's Fist Intelligence 17+ Your brain can amplify the power of your punches.
The Strength of my Blade Proficient with a two handed weapon, Strength 18 One weapon? Make those hands worth it!
Throw and Charge Quick Draw, Run, Base attack bonus +1 You can hurl a thrown weapon while charging.
Topple Str 15, Martial Improvisation.
Toss Master A player with this feat is able to use any object 5lbs or lighter as a thrown weapon.
Touch Mastery Base attack bonus +1 The attribute behind your powers makes your touch attacks strike true.
Tower Shield Bash Str 15, Improved Shield Bash, Tower Shield Proficiency Through intense training, you can now shield bash with tower shields
Trained Berserker Fighter Level 1st, Rage You bulk up and hone your skills at the same time.
Triple Threat Base attack bonus +15, Improved Critical (chosen weapon), Weapon Focus (chosen weapon), Weapon Specialization (chosen weapon). The chosen weapon's threat range triples.
Turning Swallow Strike The character must be able to make at least three attacks within the same turn. Weapon Focus in the weapon(s) being used in the strikes. A sword technique named after the famous technique of Sasaki Kojiro.
Twist the Knife BAB +4 You know how to make your blows especially painful — something that can be extremely useful if you’re attempting to distract a spellcaster.
Two in One Training 20 Strength, +1 BAB This Feat allows you to wield two-handed weapons in one hand
Two-Handed Defense Dodge, Power Attack By quickly adjusting your grip, stance, and footing, you limit your opponents' ability to strike you past the bulk of a two-handed weapon.
Two-Handed Weapon Specialization Fighter level 14th, Greater Weapon Specialization with selected weapon, proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus with selected weapon, Weapon Specialization with selected weapon You know how to focus the maximum amount of power into a blow from a two-handed weapon.
Unarmed Training BAB+6; Natural Weapons or Improved Unarmed Strike from a class that grants it for free. <!-A short summary of the feat->
Unrelenting Onslaught Dex 15, BAB +3 Your attacks come in terrifying waves
Variant Greater Weapon Focus Fighter level 8th or BAB +16 Why be stuck with another +1 to your attack bonus when you can take... This!
Variant Greater Weapon Specialization Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus with the selected weapon, Greater Weapon Focus with the selected weapon, Weapon Specialization with the selected weapon, an Ability Score of at least 16 for you to choose from, BAB +12 A revamped version of Greater Weapon Specialization
Variant Weapon Focus Proficiency with selected weapon, Base Attack Bonus +1. A variant of the general Weapon Focus feat that scales with levels.
Variant Weapon Specialization Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus with selected weapon and Fighter 4 or base attack bonus +8 A variant of the general Weapon Specialization feat that's not lame.
Way of the Gargoyle Combat Reflexes You have mastered the art of combat in alternate forms.
Way of the Muscle Strength is a 16+ Strength is key.
Weapon Focus Improved Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1 You are especially good at using a weapon.
Weapon Guard Dexterity 13+, Dodge You are greatly skilled at protecting your weapon in melee.
Weapon Handling Weapon Focus & BAB+1. Your weapon of choice is easier to handle.
Weapon Juggle Dex 13, Quick Draw, Sleight of Hand 1 rank You can change and pick up weapons as a free action.
Weapon Material Focus Base Attack Bonus +1 You gain +1 Atk with selected special weapon material
Weapon of Choice Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +2, Dexterity 13, Intelligence 13, Weapon Focus with selected weapon.
You train extensively with one weapon, mastering it to a degree not usually achieved.
Weapon Prodigy Weapon focus with selected weapon
Weighted Fist Proficiency with gauntlets, spiked gauntlets, or other fist weapon, Strength 18 This feat grants a user of gauntlets or other fist-related weapons use of unarmed strike feats and abilities.
Whimsical Attack Base attack bonus +1 You attack in an unorthodox and bizzare way, preferring to use extravagant moves instead of precise ones.
Whip attack Weapon Specialization (Whip), Greater Weapon Focus (Whip), Base attack bonus +10 You become adept at whipping those who move under the reach of your whip.
Whip Grapple/Trip Dex 14, Weapon Proficiency(Whip) Can trip and grapple with using whip
Zen Defense Wis 13 +Wis on AC in some circumstances
Zen Fencing Dex 15, Wis 13, Weapon Finesse, Sense Motive 5 ranks, BAB +3. You use your knowledge of sentient nature to improve your fencing.
Zero Style Dex 13, Combat Reflexes, Lightning Reflexes You can make a powerful counter against melee attacks.
Æther Weapon Focus (Any Weapon), Str 15, Wis 13
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