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Bloody Mess [Fighter

For some reason, creatures you kill always seem to die in the most horribly violent manner possible.
Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +6
Benefit: When you kill a creature by doing enough damage with a weapon (including when it loses its Fortitude save vs. death by massive damage), there is a 10% chance that your killing blow will obliterate it beyond recognition, turning it into a red, gut-ridden, eyeball-strewn paste. Fun! Aside from making combat roleplaying more entertaining, this has various effects on the gameplay, subject to the DM's discretion:
  • Revival magic that requires an intact corpse, such as Raise Dead or Animate Dead, does not work on creatures destroyed by this effect.
  • Abilities that allow a creature to continue acting at or below -10 Hit Points (or 0 Hit Points in the case of constructs and undead), such as a Frenzied Berserker's Deathless Frenzy ability, do not function when the creature is destroyed by this effect.
  • A corpse destroyed by this effect cannot be identified by looks alone. For instance, if Redgar and Tordek are both slain by this effect, you would not be able to tell which corpse belonged to whom.
  • Any other effects that the DM deems relevant to the situation
Normal: Bodies are generally not completely destroyed upon death except in rare cases such as a disintegrate spell or a vorpal weapon.
Special: A Fighter make take this feat as one of his Fighter Bonus Feats.

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