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Acrobatic Combat [General, Fighter]

The use of acrobatics and jumping to always be on the move to avoid attacks.
Prerequisite: Mobility, Jump 10, Dex 15+
Benefit: While in a defensive stance and wearing light or no armor the user of this feat is able to leap or flip from an attack before damage is dealt into any adjacent square that is not occupied to avoid the attack, the defender makes a Jump skill roll vs. a DC of 10 + the attack roll. A successful roll indicates that the attack misses and the defender receives no damage, a failed roll indicates that the attack hit and the defender takes damage accordingly. Either successful or failed the user still ends up in the adjacent square.
Special: Skill rolls that fail by 10 or more the attacker gains an attack that counts as a free action against the defender with a -2 penalty applied to both attack and damage. Each time this feat is performed successfully any and all attacks made by the defender in the round suffer a -1 penalty to attack.

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