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Monk Weapon Focus [General, Fighter]

Monks now can apply their unarmed damage to a special monk weapon.
Prerequisite: Monk 1st
Benefit: Monks may choose a special monk weapon, and from that point on, they gain the weapon damage of their unarmed strike when using that weapon, or the weapon's original damage, whichever is higher. For example, an 8th level monk deals 1d10 with a quarterstaff with Monk Weapon Focus-Quarterstaff. The weapon must be a special monk weapon detailed in the monk class.
Normal: The monk does not gain his unarmed damage when using weapons.
Special: If the monk also possesses the Weapon Focus feat in their Monk Weapon Focus weapon of choice, the benefit gained is +2 instead of +1. Greater Weapon Focus also grants +2 instead of another +1, for a total of +4 with both feats and Monk Weapon Focus. This feat may be taken multiple times, each time, it applies to a different special monk weapon.

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