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Elven Bladesong [Tactical][edit]

After years of study at a bladesinger academy or with a solitary master of the art, you have finally learned the first steps of the fabled bladesong.
Prerequisite: Elf, Dex 13+, Combat Expertise, Mobility, Spring Attack, and Perform (Dancing) 4+ ranks.
Benefit: The Elven Bladesong feat enables the use of three tactical maneuvers. These maneuvers may only be performed or utilized while wielding a single one-handed sword normally associated with the elven people, such as a longsword, shortsword, rapier, or thinblade.

The Dancing Blade: You may make a swift Perform (Dance) check in place of a Bluff check to feint or a Tumble check to maneuver in combat situations, adding your Dexterity modifier and base attack bonus to the roll as a circumstance bonus. Attempting to move at full speed in this manner inflicts only a -5 penalty instead of the usual -10. You may also use the Weapon Finesse feat with your weapon even if it is not normally allowed.

The Weaving Blade: You have learned how to wear heavier armor without it impacting your ability to move in combat. Reduce the Armor Check Penalty of your armor by your Strength modifier, to a maximum of 0.

Furthermore, your weapon is treated as both a disarming and tripping weapon, gaining the usual benefits thereof. When making these special attacks in combat, you gain a circumstance bonus to these special attacks equal to twice your Strength or Dexterity modifier as appropriate. This does not stack with the Strength or Dexterity modifier you normally gain when making special attacks.

The Thrashing Blade: Once per round, you may make a full attack as part of a charge action. Unlike other similar abilities, you may attack anyone along the course of the charge with this maneuver.
Special: A fighter may also select the Elven Bladesong feat as one of his bonus fighter feats.

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