Improved Horsebreaking Cleave (3.5e Feat)

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Improved Horsebreaking Cleave [General, Fighter]

Your ability to cut through a mount and its rider in one stroke is more fluid
Prerequisite: Power Attack, Cleave, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Horsebreaker), Weapon Focus (Horsebreaker), Strength 26, and Monkey Grip or Powerful Build, Horsebreaker Training, Horsebreaking Cleave
Benefit: Same as Horsebreaking Cleave, except that you use the same roll against the rider as was used on the mount. No roll is needed to hit, but if a critical threat must still be confirmed even if the critical was confirmed on the mount. Damage leftover after the mount was reduced to -10 HP is still carried over and added to the damage roll. You must declare the use of Improved Horsebreaking Cleave before confirming a critical or rolling damage.
Normal: The second target is still subject to a second attack roll as per a normal Cleave
Special: Fighters can take improved Horsebreaking Cleave as a one of their bonus feats.

Large creatures can eliminate the need for Monkey Grip or Powerful Build.

Creatures of Huge size or larger can eliminate the need for Horsebreaker Training and Monkey Grip/Powerful Build.

If you also have Grounded Horsebreaking Cleave, its effects can be applied.

The Strongarm Bracers can also substitute for either Monkey Grip of Powerful Build, but if they are somehow neutralized (by dispel magic, antimagic field, Morkenkainen’s Disjunction or the character is not wearing them for some reason), the character will lose access to the feat until he meets the prerequisites again (either putting back on or reactivating the Strongarm Bracers or taking Monkey Grip)

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