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Its said that long before the world existed a single flower bloomed in nothingness with three petals. One petal raised itself high and proud representing all that was good in the world and it's name was Desmaduke. The second petal was withered and spiteful hating it's beautiful twin above all else and its name was Kilthertis. The last petal was both beautiful and ugly, both sweet and sour and its name was Noctem. When the flower reached full bloom Desmaduke was the first to rise and create the good gods of the world creating Darstar from his voice, Regonos from his spirit, Hamity from his hair, and Baestril from the light of his face. When Kithertis bloomed and saw the beautiful world Desmaduke had created she wept in anguish. The tears from her right eye became Mordicai and from her left eye Dolor was born. She also dug her long fingernails into her wrists and from the blood of her right hand Marligya was born and from her left Limera rose. The last petal continued to wilt into a dark cloak with no face. He made two servants for himself to serve as Law and Chaos and they were named Kara and Boxel respectively. These gods are referred to as the Old Gods. Their symbols are simple geometric shapes and only about 20% of the population actively worships them, although they are always acknowledged in rituals and prayers.

Desmaduke (5e Deity), NG, God of Good (Life, Light, Nature), A golden triangle within a circle surrounded by 13 tick marks

Darstar (5e Deity), LG, God of Light and Honesty (Light), A large circle surrounded in triangles with the largest triangles facing the cardinal directions,

Regonos (5e Deity), LG, God of Zeal and Justice (War), A triangle on top of rectangle with an "x" inside the rectangle

Hamity (5e Deity), NG, Goddess of Beauty and Grace (Light, Life), Three squares arranged in a pyramid

Baestril (5e Deity), LG, Goddess of Wisdom and Tranquility (Knowledge), Six black dots arranged as they are on a six sided die

Kilthertis (5e Deity), NE, Goddess of Evil (Trickery, Death), An inverted black triangle with 5 white circles around it

Mordicai (5e Deity), CE, God of Misery and Torment (No Clerics), Two side-by-side tear shapes with an inverted triangle in both

Dolor (5e Deity), NE, God of Pain and Agony (War, Death), A jagged edged circle inside of a square

Marligya (5e Deity), CE, Goddess of Trickery and Cunning (Trickery), Two circles connected by a thin curved line

Limera (5e Deity), NE, Goddess of Brutality and Blood (War), A triangle with thin rectangles erupting from the center of each side

Noctem (5e Deity), TN, God of Death (Death), Two black outlined triangles which meet at the tips to make an hourglass shape

Kara (5e Deity), LN, Goddess of Law and Logic (Knowledge), A capital "H" with a line through the center that is longer than the sides

Boxel (5e Deity), CN, God of Chaos and Power (War), An infinity sign with a black circle in the center

The Stem Gods

After the world was created Desmaduke took the stem of the flower from which he was born and dipped it into a stream near him. the Stem then sprouted many smaller gods to help guide the people which he had yet to create. However, as the stem was part of all three of them, not all of these gods and goddesses turned out as intended. These lesser gods are known as the New, Stem or Fresh Gods. They are worshiped by the vast majority of the people and have more complex symbols and worship practices.

Otygot (5e Deity), NG, God of Nature and Agriculture (Life, Nature), A tree that is bearing fruit

Snofach (5e Deity), TN, God of Refinement and Art (Light), A peacock

Makanda (5e Deity), TN, God of Crafting and Trade (Knowledge) , A anvil with various coins stacked on it

Durm (5e Deity), CG, God of Magic and Curiosity (Knowledge), An empty scroll

Findinisus (5e Deity), LG, God of Battle and Revelry (War), A greatsword with a flame etched down its blade

Remulo (5e Deity), NG, God of Alchemy and Comfort (Life, Knowledge), A stoppered flask filled with blue liquid

Lonacti (5e Deity), CN, God of Rebellion and the Sea (Tempest, War), A large rolling wave

Mornadest (5e Deity), NE, God of Lies and Night (Trickery), A crescent moon with a silver dagger in the shaded section

Ska-Marag (5e Deity), LE, God of Invasion and Rot (Nature, War), A dried, multicolored mushroom

Midel (5e Deity), LG, Goddess of Architecture and Sanctuary (Life, Light), A silver shield with many scars and dents

Qepltep (5e Deity), CG, Goddess of Mischief and Fire (Trickery), A pair of flaming hands clasped in prayer

Tangarita (5e Deity), LN, Goddess of Mountains and Strength (Nature, War), A large mountain

Lollad (5e Deity), NG, Goddess of the Sky and Freedom (Tempest), A hawk in flight

Arista (5e Deity), CG, Goddess of Drink and Passion (Life), A heart within another heart

Malolo (5e Deity), NE, Goddess of Poison and Disease (Death), A large wooden mask with fangs and bleeding eyes

Eliar (5e Deity), CN, Goddess of Fate and Luck (Trickery), A golden pentacle

Candeta (5e Deity), NG, Goddess of Maternity and Mercy (Light, Life), The female sign inside of a circle

The Creation of Mortals

No one is sure how the mortal were created or which gods created what. All of this was lost during the Darkest Night War. However, as the gods have come to be worshipped again certain deities have become the patrons of certain mortal races.

The Darkest Night War

Kilthertis did not immediately reveal herself to Desmaduke after her birth. She created her children and hid in the darkest parts of Nightmare waiting for Desmaduke to drop his guard, and eventually he did. When Desmaduke created the Stem Gods he was so enamored with the new life he created that Kilthertis rose from the shadows to kill him and create a world of darkness. The gods fought with their children beside them for a millennia with Desmaduke eventually triumphing over the dark gods. Sticking to their true nature, Kilthertis' children abandoned her when she had lost and escaped Desmaduke's wrath. As for Kilthertis, him and each one of his 4 children created a candle from a great oak tree and locks of each of their hair as the wicks. The surrounded Kilthertis with the 5 candles in a circle and sealed her into the realm of Hextus. During this time it was an everlasting night on the material plane and some creatures became tainted by the darkest night giving birth to the Drow and other such races. The Stem Gods tried desperately to assist the mortal races but they also had fights to win for Ska-Marag, Mornadest and Malolo had turned on them. The gods managed to help mortality survive the darkest night but at a terrible cost for they were so concerned with mortality that Ska-Marag, Mornadest, Malolo and Kilthertis' children all escaped their judgment.

The Demi-Gods A Demi-God is any being that is half deity and half mortal. Some demi-gods gain very little ability from their ancestry and some go on to become mighty champions. However their are four demi-gods that are more important than all the others known as the Sealing Siblings. After Desmaduke sealed Kilthertis away, he knew that as cunning as she is she would eventually find a way to free herself, so he planned a way for mortality to re-enact his spell should she ever return. Desmaduke in his children each took turns going to Nimda and finding a suitable mate to create a demi-god with and in each of these demi-gods is the fire needed to re-ignite the candles and seal Kilthertis away again. They are as follows:

Quara= Demi-god of woodland creatures and plants. Daughter of Hamity.

Siludia= Demi-god of dreams and speech. Daughter of Baestril.

Ridusid= Demi-god of archery and swordplay. Son of Regonos.

Balorin= Demi-god of optimism and patience. Son of Darstar.

To keep these demi-gods a secret from Kilthertis, Desmaduke transformed them into items of their parents choosing. Quara became a leather bracer with a bright green emerald in the palm, Siludia became a simple bronze circlet to match her mother's, Ridusid became a powerful longbow and Balorin became a mighty warhammer with a sun on both sides. These items were called respectively, Nature's Touch, The Sight, Starpiercer and The Last Dawn, and then they vanished so that Kilthertis could never find them.

The Prophecy

There is prophecy which was found in one of Desmaduke's oldest temples which read as such:

When the earth cries out and rivers dry

The Mother shall return

And through this great uncertainty

All who oppose shall burn

But in the darkness hides a light

The four who chose to stay

And these four spread throughout the land

Can chase the dark away

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