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Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Knowledge
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Durm is the god of magic and curiosity in the Trifadishti pantheon. He appears as an old three headed man with his first head and body being human, the head from his right shoulder being an orc's and the head from his left shoulder being an elf's. Durm is dressed in dark red robes and covered in trinkets beyond imagination. He always carries a book in his left and and a staff in his right hand. When Durm speaks each of his heads speaks only one word in a rotation starting at his center head and proceeding to the left.

Durm's followers are split down the middle between clerics and other spellcasters. Durm actually puts much of his focus into recruiting wizards in an attempt to stop them from joining Mordicai. Durm teaches that facts should be recognized as facts but anything that can be questioned should be. He teaches that the world is constantly changing and the his followers must study it and change with it.

Durm's churches are usually strange shaped little buildings with small underground libraries. Each church of Durm will have books on a particular subject ranging from magic to gardening to demonology and so on and so forth. And as such each follower of Durm usually becomes and expert in a specific field meaning that if their is information you seek a follower of Durm either knows what it is or knows where to find it.

Durm does not actively visit the material plane but can see through the eyes of any statue carved in his image. Libraries often have a statue of Durm to watch over their prized books and the Hall of Mages has a massive bronze statue of Durm to guard their mystic secrets.

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