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Alignment. True Neutral
Domains. Knowledge
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Makanda is the god of crafting and trade in the Trifadishti pantheon. He appears as a burly shirtless dwarf with a small smithing hammer in one hand and a bag of coins in the other. His belt is also covered in small weapons and he is always shown riding a mule with saddlebags full of grain and other trade goods. He is usually considered the patron god of the dwarves.

Makanda's teachings extend beyond trading and crafting with excellence. He teaches that one should study and be knowledgeable in their craft and that they should show unbreakable dedication to that craft whatever it may be. Makanda's teachings are often blamed for dwarves inherent stubbornness and hardheadedness. Many followers of Makanda that are not dwarven become monks, making their designated craft the training of their bodies and mind.

Makanda does not accept monetary offerings or crafted ones. He only accepts hard work and dedication. Being a follower of Makanda means a life of working whether it be with your body or your mind. Their are no lame or lazy amongst his followers as even his churches are generally in trading centers with no walls where fighting the crowd is just a show of your dedication to him.

Makanda, like the other stem gods, visits the material plane infrequently in the form of a mule with dark red fur. It is to be a sign of exceptionally good economy to come to see Makanda wander through the streets of town. It is said that his hooves leave singed marks on the ground wherever he walks.

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