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Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. Tempest
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Lollad is the goddess of the sky and freedom in the trifadishti pantheon. She appears as a beautiful slender women with large wings erupting from her back. She wears loose fitting pants and a vest with harness straps. She is kind and loving but is said to have an inextinguishable hatred for those who incarcerate the undeserving.

Lollad is sweet to her followers and it is said she treats them well. However, when it comes to her domains she is the most unforgiving of all the gods. She does not tolerate restriction or holding one against ones will and it is said that she can attack fiercely with horrid thunderstorms when she is disobeyed by her followers. It is said that worshipping her is like worshipping the rain, every time you see the clouds you are happy for the water but afraid of what comes with it.

Churches of Lollad are usually on the edges of ravines or canyons and are open walled towers. When you worship Lollad you go to the edge of the open tower and look into the ravine below as a show of your faith to her and your love of the open sky. However these churches are very uncommon and other than freed slaves, she has the one of the smallest followings of all stem gods.

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