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Alignment. Lawful Good
Domains. War
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Findinisus is the god of battle and revelry in the Trifadishti pantheon. He appears as an older knight in bright red plate mail armor with a short black beard and black hair just long enough to emerge from the back of his helmet. He has no gauntlets or gloves but instead has bright platinum scales on his hands. Since the Tome Everlasting calls him Draco several times, it is assumed that he is the patron of metallic dragons. He wields an intricate red greatsword which was enchanted with fire by Durm during the Darkest Night War. As it sounds from his portfolio, Findinisus is the first line of defense for mortals on the material plane against the evils that inhabit it, since the old gods cannot wield their power on the material plane.

Findinisus' followers are not all fighters as he is, however they all stand for the protection of the weak at any cost. A true follower of Findinisus would gladly lay their life on the line for anyone who needed assistance. However, although these intentions are noble, followers of Findinisus have a reputation for sticking their noses in things that don't concern them and are seem as a nuisance by some.

The churches of Findinisus always are circular in shape with a training yard in the center. In the center of the training yard is an altar and a fountain where warriors rest and talk of their great battles in the name of Findinisus or just where his followers gather to pray. Findinisus requires no further worship than knowing that the battle against evil is always being fought by his people.

Findinisus does not visit the material plane unless he has no choice. He does not have an alternate form and appears on the material plane exactly as he is. To see Findinisus is bittersweet for it measures not only the power you have on your side but the strength of the enemy as well.

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