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Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. Life, Knowledge
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Remulo is the god of alchemy and comfort in the Trifadishti pantheon. He appears as a young man with wisdom beyond his years sitting on the ground surrounded by potions, beakers and notes. He is considered the god of humans and the sciences. It is said that within Remulo's notes is the key to every substance imaginable and that even his simplest of potions is more powerful than our most complex. Remulo is never pictured standing as he is always relaxing in some fashion.

Remulo's first lesson is simple one should not overexert if the do not have to. He believes it is better to work smarter than harder and is known in some places as the god of efficiency just like Makanda in some places is known as the god of dedication. His second teaching is that science can teach you much more than magic can. He does not dissuade magical practice, he simply urges his followers to not solely rely on its power.

Remulo has churches in the loosest sense. Followers of Remulo will often go and hold sermons to educate the uneducated about alchemy and the wonders it can fulfill in ones life. However Remulo has a large academy where followers become pinnacles of the craft much the same as bards do. This school known as Highcliff Academy is where most if not all of Remulo's followers hope to end up one day and even visiting the college is considered a great honor.

Remulo, like the other stem gods, visits the mortal plane frequently but is always disguised as an old teacher or lecturer. There is even mass speculation that Old Man Malafort, the headmaster of Highcliff Academy, is indeed Remulo himself. He always denies this claim with a laugh. However, no one knows where the headmaster came from or how long he has been their and his speciality unsurprisingly is in alchemy.

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