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Alignment. Neutral Evil
Domains. Trickery
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Mornadest is the god of lies and night in the Trifadishti pantheon. He along with Malolo are the only Stem Gods to turn on mortality during the Darkest Night War. He appears as a man in a hood and dark leather armor covered in daggers and wearing a bright silver moon medallion. Mornadest is said to roam the material plane looking for servants and worshippers to help him destroy his brothers and sisters and is said to be the patron of lycanthropes.

Mornadest's following is rather similar to Marligya's. His followers sew lies and deceit wherever they can but for different reasons. Mornadest controls hulking beasts known as Dunkerauds that roam the countryside in secret. It is believed his followers weave lies convincing kingdoms and countries alike that these creatures do not exist and that they are no threat. Any creature killed by a Dunkeraud becomes Mornadest's spectral slave so the longer these lies are bought the more powerful Mornadest becomes.

Worshipping Mornadest happens in the dead of night but the location always changes depending on the opinion of the current Moon Priest who heads his church. Rituals include sacrifices of small animals and quiet prayers in the dark. They also clean their locations scrupulously making it difficult to follow their movements. Many will not try to impede their rituals for their are rumors that the Moon Priest is a lycanthrope themselves.

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