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Alignment. Chaotic Neutral
Domains. Tempest, War
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Lonacti is the god of rebellion and the sea in the Trifadishti pantheon. He wears garb similar to that of a pirate and has a long white beard with many small weapon like ornaments tied in it. He has gills on his neck and his exposed arms have small ripples of blue and purple scales. Lonacti has a reputation for his aggressiveness and it is said that his temper is much like the sea; sometimes vast and quiet and other times choppy and raging.

Lonacti is not his sister Lollad. It is not freedom he believes in, but the right of every creature to fight for what they believe is theirs. He teaches his followers to remind creatures that the system they bow to is no more than words and they can fulfill much greater purposes if they rebel and make the world the way they wish it could be. His followers are mostly smugglers and pirates, however most sailors will offer their prayers to Lonacti when voyaging the sea for fear of what should happen if they don't.

Lonacti does not have churches but he does have altars by the sea in port cities. He also has a holy place known as the Island of Kurdone which lies in the Radis Islands. This island contains a shipwreck on its eastern side which Lonacti's devout believe to be the ship he lost in the Darkest Night War. His followers gather at this island and at his many altars to offer riches and coin to the sea god for safe passage across his harrowing waters.

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