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Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. Light, Life
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Candeta is the goddess of maternity and mercy in the trifadishti pantheon. She appears as a woman late in her pregnancy in sheer white robes with light blue jewelry accents. She has eyes that match her jewelry and long exceptionally curly blonde hair. She is always pictured as standing despite her pregnancy to represent her strength as a mother and she is also pictured with a wicker pram showing that she has had children before.

Candeta teaches her followers that the role of "mother" means more than just a woman that has had children. She teaches that a mother is anyone who leads their people or ,"children" as she calls them, with mercy and kindness without forgetting to be stern. She believes everyone should help in taking care of everyone and that no one should be without motherly care.

Candeta's churches can be found anywhere but are always upheld exclusively by women. These women known as Holy Matrons are always dressed in white and have their faces covered except a small slit with which to see.

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