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Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. Life, Nature
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Otygot is the god of agriculture and nature in the Trifadishti pantheon. He appears as a strong young elf with dark tan skin and clothes made from plants and crops. He has a spear in his right hand and a bushel of grain across his left shoulder. He is often considered the patron god of the elves.

Otygot preaches balance and the assistance of those in need. He is the god of the saying "you reap what you sow" saying that giving to the poor and farming grain respectfully will bring you gifts. Otygot is disgusted by abuses against nature such as hunting for sport or deforestation and can curse someone for repeat offences. Otygot's nature curses usually consist of him turning someone into an animal they have wronged, the most notable example being Trevor the Swift who was a knight that broke one his jousting opponent's horse's legs before a match he did not think he could win. Otygot turned him into a horse and after months of reflection Trevor saw his wrongdoing and chose to stay in his horse form as Otygot's mount and faithful companion.

Churches of Otygot are always pews and altars set up in nature with no walls. Whether it be in the tundra, desert or forest these churches without walls are most often where the head priest of the church establishes his home. Worship consists of sitting in silent recollection of the sounds and fee of nature followed by feasting on food of the area and fresh game. After this, songs are sung while offerings of grain and animal products such as milk and eggs are made to Otygot and cast into a river or tied in a tree bearing the fruit of his symbol in the area.

Otygot, like the other stem gods, frequents the material plane but is rarely seen. He only appears in the deepest and harshest of natural terrains and always appears as an animal similar to a large deer with a human face wrapped in plant life native to the area. It is said that seeing Otygot in this form means your family will never hunger.

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