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Alignment. Lawful Evil
Domains. Nature, War
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Ska-Marag is the god of indoctornation and rot in the Trifadishti pantheon. He is depicted as a large mud colored dragon with multiple patches of colored scales across his body and is considered the patron god of chromatic dragons. He is misshapen, with a thick short neck and a head more like an alligator, and he also has only dark holes in his head for eyes. He does have wings but they are incredibly small. He hates the Stem gods more than any other with particular disdain for Findinisus, who represents his other half, and Otygot, who represents all that is good in nature.

Followers of Ska-Marag are uncommon, only slightly more than Lollad's followings in numbers, but the blessings are Ska-Marag are powerful. He rebirths his devout, in a process known as the Blightrot Pactus. When one accepts this horrid contract, they begin to decay, but not in body as one would suggest. Ska-Marag begins to rot his followers souls in exchange for tremendous power. When a follower of Ska-Marag dies, there soul becomes one with his and his power grows. This rot can take many forms in the power it gives, some of his followers no longer need to eat or drink, some gain access to spells like their deity would use, and some have even been said to live far longer than would be considered natural.

Ska-Marag has no churches above ground. All of his known churches are in the underdark and as a consequence the majority of his following is Drow and Duergar.Since his churches are so well hidden, it is only recently that the races above ground have realized that he is more than just a fairytale. His worshipers often dedicate themselves to him by eating poisonous mushrooms from the underdark, as a token of appreciation, he may even spare those who do.

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