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Minor Arcana: Of the 78 cards in a standard Tarot deck, the minor arcana are by far the majority, accounting for 56 cards across four different suits. These suits each have cards numbering 1 (Ace) through 10, and include a Page, Knight, Queen, and King. These four suits are the Pentacles, Cups, Swords, and Wands, named after the four items displayed on the table in the illustration of the card, I - The Magician.

While any character may appreciate the mysticism that surround tarot cards, it is the Tarot Mage who makes the most use of them, using the magical arcana as foci for his spells and unique powers. While the Major Arcana are typically more powerful and unique, each card in the deck provides magical spells that the Tarot Mage can use to his advantages. Each card typically can be used to cast multiple spells of differing level and type from the Tarot Mage spell list.

The suit of the pentacles is the most powerful when dealing with the physical world and the senses. This suit corresponds with the element of earth, and to the arcane schools of conjuration and transmutation.

The seat of the power of Cups is emotional control. This suit corresponds with the element of water, and to the arcane schools of enchantment and illusion.

The most aggressive battle magic comes from the suit of Swords; At the same time, swords represents intelligence and understanding. This suit corresponds with the element of air, and to the arcane schools of evocation and necromancy.

Wands have great power of the spiritual energies of the world. This suit corresponds with the element of fire, and to the arcane schools of abjuration and divination.

— —;CL —; —; Cost —; Weight: — lb.; Market Price: —

Card Tarot Spells Granted
Ace Health3, Prosperity4, Success1
2 Duality5, Moderation1, Struggle2
3 Growth5, Revenue3, Strife4
4 Legacy8, Protection1, Seeking1, Strength of Mind4
5 Control Weather6, Failure2, Rebirth6
6 Cooperation2, Duplicate Riches5, Energy Unleashed3
7 Action3, Resources5, Success1
8 Affect Environment3, Charm1, Pleasure3
9 Business Gains6, Charm1, Projects Realized5
10 Revenue3, Physical Rewards1, Satisfaction2
Page Charm1, Feeblemind5, Summon Small Earth Elemental3
Knight Clairaudience3, Enhance Physical Trait1, Summon Medium Earth Elemental5
Queen Healing Magic3, Summon Huge Earth Elemental7, Vigor2
King Physical Power3, Resources5, Summon Elder Earth Elemental9
1-9. All superscript numerals indicate the level of the spell.
Card Tarot Spells Granted
Ace Ecstasy4, Emotion4, Love Spell6
2 Marriage8, Emotional Balance4, Reconciliation7
3 Comfort1, Healing Magic3, Shared Love3
4 Anger2, Emotional Rewards1, Illusory Attack4
5 Anger2, Depression2, Suffer5
6 Emotional Healing6, Gift7, Tears2
7 Dread8, Greed3, Paranoia4
8 Emotional Stability4, Fatigue3, Rest3
9 Enjoyment1, Fulfillment7, Satisfaction2
10 Emotional Maturity3, Desires Satisfied7, Passion2
Page Courage2, Expression2, Summon Small Water Elemental3
Knight Dedicated1, Motivated3, Summon Medium Water Elemental5
Queen Rejoicing5, Summon Huge Water Elemental7, Talented3
King Leader9, Persuasive2, Summon Elder Water Elemental9
1-9. All superscript numerals indicate the level of the spell.
Card Tarot Spells Granted
Ace Clarity2, Increased Knowledge3, Insight1
2 Blast3, Clairvoyance3, Mental Balance4
3 Tears2, Upheaval6
4 Banishment7, Logic2, Rest After War3
5 Confusion3, Conquest8, Mental Speed5
6 Emotional Aid for Mental Trial4, Journey For Others5, Progress in Consciousness2
7 Good Advice1, Spying4
8 Combine Ideas3, Greater Understanding7, Seeking1
9 Death9, Deception4, Misery5
10 Closed Thought8, Disruption5, Success1
Page Diplomacy1, Secrets4, Summon Small Air Elemental3
Knight Courage2, Defender5, Summon Medium Air Elemental5
Queen Summon Huge Air Elemental7, Teacher1, Widow Maker9
King Military Intelligence7, Protector6, Summon Elder Air Elemental9
1-9. All superscript numerals indicate the level of the spell.
Card Tarot Spells Granted
Ace Good/Evil Energy I1, Outset6, Spiritual Centering4
2 Boldness1, Courage2, Intuition1
3 Combine Forces3, Confidence2, Hope4
4 Good/Evil Energy II3, Peace5, Rest After Labor3
5 Personal Doubt1, Rashness2, Spiritual Doubt4
6 Good News1, Harness Spiritual Energies7, Victory6
7 Adjust Beliefs8, Certain Success6, Spiritual Strength4
8 Harmony2, Good/Evil Energy III7, Purpose3
9 Overcome2, Redemption7, Resources5, Spiritual Strength4
10 Spirit Mastery9, Spiritual Growth6, Test By Fire6
Page Inquisitive4, Messenger3, Summon Small Fire Elemental3
Knight Ardent Investigator6, Spirit Warrior5, Summon Medium Fire Elemental5
Queen Metaphysics8, Success1, Summon Huge Fire Elemental7
King Passion2, Spiritual Advisor5, Summon Elder Fire Elemental9
1-9. All superscript numerals indicate the level of the spell.

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