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Ardent Investigator
Level: Tarot 6
Components: V, F
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: Unlimited
Effect: Invisible eye
Duration: 1 minute/level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

Creates a more powerful, yet more limited version of Scrying.

This is a specialized form scrying and has some advantages and disadvantages over that spell.

First, the ardent investigator can penetrate any plane with ease. Also, those who are protected from scrying with spells such as sequester may be found by the ardent investigator. In addition, the eye of the investigator is both invisible and silent. Those creatures that have an Intelligence of 12 or higher and can detect invisible objects must make Scry checks or Intelligence checks (DC 20) to notice the investigator. Unlike the normal scrying spell, the mage may only cast comprehend languages or tongues through the spell.

If the target of the spell is magically shielded from scrying, the mage may attempt to overcome the defenses by making a caster level check of 1d2O + caster level (maximum of +10) against 11 + defensive spell's caster level. If successful, the ardent investigator bypasses the defenses, but the target may notice (Intelligence check, DC 15). If the check succeeds by 5 or more, the ardent investigator bypasses the defenses and the target is oblivious to the intrusion, except if she is able to detect the invisible orb.


This spell can only be cast using Knight of Wands as a focus.

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