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Level: Tarot 5
Components: V, F
Casting time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Touch
Target: One Living Creature Touched
Duration: 1 hour/level
Saving Throw: Fortitude Negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

Creates a material simulacrum of the target.

This spell creates a material simulacrum of the target. The body is a perfect copy of the target, but does not have any of the abilities or memories of the original, except those that come as natural condition of the creature (exoskeleton or flight from wings, etc.). The simulacrum cannot speak any language, though it can grunt and make other animal-like noises.

The caster must control the actions of the simulacrum. It will continue to obey the last instruction until it is given a new instruction by the caster. If instructed to attack, it fights as an animated object of the same size as the target of the spell. Those that meet the duplicate may make an Intelligence check (DC 20) to detect that something is not natural. If the duplicate is encountered by someone who knows the original, an Intelligence check (DC 10) will reveal that there is some sort of deception.


This spell can only be cast using 2 of Pentacles as a focus.

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