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There are numerous groups which control the flows of power, money, and other things throughout the land. They all have their own desires to fulfill. The Gorge did not change this. While most factions before the Gorge were divided into groups worshiping either the Four Meditations or Four Deeds, this religious aspect fell away almost completely after Paradise fell. There are still some religious cults which remain, but now many groups shift focuses towards survival in the harsh new world.

Factions of the Old World[edit]

FactionRegion of InfluenceOperations StylePatron Deity
Scholar's CircleShabast
Mindful Eye

Factions of Shard Ne'Vaal[edit]

Because cohesive nations were largely destroyed through the Gorge, the factions of Shard Ne'Vaal now serve almost like pseudo-governmental organizations. Many who grow to a large size hold considerable power regardless of their intentions. This is because they tend to command a force that can deliver resources and take them as well. Notoriety among the less noble means nothing when they are the only ones providing you grain. Thus, it is a very anarchic system, where factions battle one another more physically than they do politically like in the Old World.

FactionRegion of InfluenceOperations StylePatron Deity
Cults of GraghkForlorn Shards, Yralis, Shomba, and some in MacarSplinter CellsGraghk(?)
BlackguardTors, DurenshiHierarchyNone
MyrtlegateThroughout the World TreeSplinter HierarchyOrelia
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