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Plant life for the most part remains relatively in the backdrop all the time. In the Old World, they played a vital role in the sustenance of people through agriculture. As civilization progressed, higher forms of botany like horticulture came about as hobbies for the rich. With the advent of the Gorge, the attention largely is directed all at the World Tree, which sustains all life in Shard Ne'Vaal upon its structure.

Miscellaneous Plants[edit]

These kinds of plants are rather mundane, used often in daily life. Many have uses as food, if not also infrastructure. Others have medicinal uses of the most common sort. Rarer varieties are listed in the Exotic Plants section.


A staple food across the world comes in the form of these plants. Whether they be wheats or rice, grains are extremely versatile plants which bear versatile fruits. Grains make up a lot of diets, and can be used in many different ways.


There are about 60,000 varieties of rice known, but only about 10 are actually cultivated. This plant is king in Dasoon, as well as parts of Okut and even Bevel. Rice varieties differ in color, texture and nutrients. Domestication of the plant has resulted in a very uniform farming style consisted of paddy farms. After the Gorge, diets shifted towards hardier varieties of rice which required less sunlight and effort to maintain, and are largely grown in the lower parts of the World Tree.


Exotic Plants[edit]

Legendary Plants[edit]

The World Tree[edit]

Forever Yours[edit]

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