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You can assimilate, or you can fight. Friendship is that kind of thing, nowadays, and everyone knows it
B'Kirth's Wandering Almanac

Shard Ne'Vaal, like any other world, has its own unique bunch of characters. They can vary from helpful saints to psychotic murderers.

Notable People[edit]

Rufus Ivalier

Head librarian somewhere.

Logium Grithus

He was a renowned astronomer who is believed to have glimpsed the Void first, in the stretches of time and space beyond the infinity. He's had many books published about the use of astronomy and astrology to predict the future. It is said he was so driven to knowledge that he murdered one of his students to gain insight into the future in the stars. What he saw drove him mad and he was last known to have been kept in a mental prison in Preius. No one is sure of his whereabouts after the Gorge.

Generic People[edit]

Leylos Grimstar
Fayn Uyurin

A famed elven alchemist who was cast out from his home due to his inquisitive nature, Fayn supposedly discovered the means to immortality. His works have largely been lost through the Gorge, but his famous book of Alchemyst Epics endures. Supposedly, his laboratory with all its secrets lies somewhere in the world, hidden away amid the rubbles and ruins. It is thought to have sunk to the root level of the World Tree.

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