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Due to the divine and arcane climate of Shard Ne'Vaal, with the void's influence warping everything, there is a low amount of magic usable by mortals. Psionic powers are not unaffected, but have been given an equal ground with magic. Divine casting is almost unheard of now, save those who rely on faith rather than a deity. However, this dearth does not mean magic's repute is diminished in any way. People who can use even rudimentary spells are highly sought after by factions to boost their own power. These are very few, and most end up resorting to other means, like alchemy, to recreate effects. Others delve into their research to try and spur magical activity.

PC Classes[edit]

The classes below are described as to how they fit into the world at large.

Arcane Classes[edit]

As the arcane power diminishes, those with more variety survive. Many of these classes are limited in the original spells and arcane powers they could pull off. If playing in the Old World, magic flows as normal. However, in Shard Ne'Vaal, magic is variable in efficacy and efficiency. Stronger magic brings on greater costs and even weak magic can be hard to use. Consider using the troubled powers rule.


Artificers officially surfaced as a recognized craft when the Epistemology Branch collaborated with the Arcane Institute in Preius to merge their efforts into perfecting magic and understanding of natural sciences. This resulted in a new wave of thinking in the Age of Kings, prompting logical deduction and empirical experiments to drive a surge of invention and innovation. With the Gorge, the flow of magic has been heavily disrupted and so interferes with many of their devices which rely on such. Their dependence on magic items has proven their downfall as their numbers dwindle. But their healing infusions remain largely potent. Many of their most powerful inventions have been lost due to the cataclysm, though most still retain knowledge of their basic arts. They are limited only insofar as their ingenuity.


The power of alchemy is a niche of artificer practice that expanded greatly following the rise of the Premier Force. They have great knowledge of potions and tinctures, which aid them outside battle as well in the market. Their popularity spiked around the Age of Flies, when the Council of Alchemy was established separate from the Arcane Council in Reza. Many of their most powerful inventions have been lost due to the cataclysm, though most still retain knowledge of their basic arts. They are limited only insofar as their ingenuity.


Bards have largely shifted from being arcane leaders to more martial based ones. Many are skaldsHotF:54 nowadays who depend on their natural charisma rather than magic to try and help their allies. Many thus also pursue the virtue of Valor as opposed to the other two of Cunning and Prescience. They are common wanderers around Shard Ne'Vaal, though not always the one doing the merry singing. Some now boldly stand along side criminal organizations to earn a living in the harsh new world. Some ancient songs remain to lend what arcane power they have, and this is primarily only known to bards who cling to arcane traditions. These individuals are mocked and reviled.


Only skald and virtue of valor is able to be played.


Sorcerous arts were a core part of most institutes in the Old World researching magic. They were proponents of magic as an integrated form within the world as opposed to an external force acting upon it. Sorcerers have fared badly as the arcane energies in the world have been disrupted to a point of nonexistence. Cosmic, Wild and Elementalist magics have been siphoned or cordoned off due to the influence of the Gorge isolating Shard Ne'Vaal from the natural flows of arcane energy. Dragon and Storm magic remains virtually the only way sorcerers do not fall on the wayside. These two magics in particular focus more on the martial traits of strength and dexterity. Even then, only those with a powerful bloodline can fully use it.


Only Dragon and Storm magic can be played.


Arcane weapon arts were very popular among military forces who wished to expand on magical footmen in their troops. As arcane energy wanes, these arts become sparser and sparser in practitioners. Many of the old styles, like those practiced by genasi and eladrin, have lost their potency almost entirely. Due to the partial psionic and aberrant influence the githyanki styles have, their arts have persisted. However, they guard these secrets jealously and few outsiders can have access to this.


The use of pacts and patrons remains more viable than ever as people scramble to partake in what majestic power is left in the world of despair. Warlocks originally were seen as inferior to sorcerers and wizards who manipulated magic directly rather than needing a pact. However, with the advent of the Gorge, only a few powerful beings remain viable sources of stable magic power. Few pacts are still viable due to the elimination of the sources of fey and elemental planar energies. Most warlocks in Shard Ne'Vaal rely on the Vestige, Infernal, Dark and Star pacts. It is believed the remains of the old gods of the Four Meditations power the vestige pacts, whilst the old gods of the Four Deeds power the infernal. The dark and star pacts are usually associated with Graghk, as there are a fair number of his cult which are warlocks practicing these magics.


As archons no longer become available, only the original warlock and binder warlock are available to play.


Wizardry was the heralded head of magical arts for a long time, proving that magic could be understood and harnessed with roots from the Astral Age. However, like the other forms of arcane, wizardry has fallen from its pedestal due to the Gorge and many options once open to them are now blocked and lost forever. Arcanists no longer are revered as much as they used to be. The magic has dwindled so that across the board, all wizards have taken a cut. Bladesingers are completely absorbed into swordmages, and the sha'ir are nonexistent due to the disruption of elemental magic. Witches and mages fare slight better due to the use of magic texts and ancient rituals to try and supplement their lost arcane powers, but it does only so much. And, as the aftermath of the Gorge looms evermore, magic remains a scarce resource.


Only arcanists, witches and mages available.

Divine Classes[edit]

With many gods now gone, divine power in Shard Ne'Vaal is no longer a viable resource. Those who remain are capricious deities that are unreliable and selfish, seeing mortals as mere playthings. Only paladins are known to be able to draw power out of their own faith, and somehow keep above the fray with some of their inner drive. Clerics and all other divine classes suffered badly as their source was completely diminished. Like arcane powers, divine prayers suffer drawbacks as well. The DM should consider what drawbacks to use and when, based usually on the power that is being used. A stronger power could mean more chaos or even harm to the user. Consider using the troubled powers rule.


There are almost no original paladins left. Most paladins in Shard Ne'Vaal are of the blackguard variety, channeling their frustrations into power rather than divine light. Cavaliers are in between those numbers, and they use their inner faith as a weapon, standing somewhat in opposition to the blackguard type. Many blackguards are called oathbreaker paladins, as many were formerly original paladins who lost their oaths due to the death of their deities. Their inner turmoil created new, twisted faiths rooted in dark feelings of revenge due to being forsaken. Cavaliers in contrast stand as beacons of enduring righteous faith, no matter how bad the world may seem.


Only the cavalier and blackguard classes are playable in shard Ne'Vaal.

Psionic Classes[edit]




Martial Classes[edit]







Primal Classes[edit]


NPC Classes[edit]

The following classes may not fit in Shard Ne'Vaal for players. However they can be used for a setting in the Old World, or may be found as NPCs instead.








AS the life of the land drained away, people could no longer rely so much on the powers of nature which had sustained them. Many shamans have since just become normal people.

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