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There is a diverse amount of places to go and see in Shard Ne'Vaal. This page covers mostly locations after the fall of the Old World. You can always make your own instead. These are just suggestions.




This village is located on the Ytel shard. It was established by the now defunct Academy of Font-Bonne, whose ruins are still nearby. The scholars who used to reside there settled in the village nearby. As thirst for education waned due to the pressing times, no one taught anymore. The academy was looted of all valuables it had by both villagers and robbers. It is said the original skeleton of the powerful mage Aurelius Font-Bonne is still under the academy grounds, which was originally actually his castle. Some say his spirit is now restless due to the ransacking of his home, and people have reported seeing his vengeful apparition around the perimeter of the area. It is believed even in death, he retains some arcane power, and has been said to make people go missing or even call disastrous storms around the area.
The rest of the village is very simple and small. The village mayor's office is located within the town hall, which also doubles as the village center of worship. Because the shard of Ytel retains a lot of the previous rule, there is a post with the Imperial guard in town. They serve less as policemen and more to make sure no one opposes the ruling empire. They are not very popular with the people here, who see them as useless.
Font-Bonne is well blessed compared to other places, being situated by a clean river. They fish rather than farm and have developed quite well for the situation of the world


Abandoned Swampland

Located down in the wetter parts of the roots, this land was originally part of a settlement that failed due to incessant monster attacks and lack of development. It is said many of the residents starved to death while others were killed by monsters. Worse yet, some became monsters themselves. This place still holds old rotten wooden structures and canoes used when the settlement was still in function. The humidity invites many fungal creatures like myconids and insects. Players may find unwelcome company here with the old community prowling with its old inhabitants turned monsters.
To make things worse, there is an evil power here hidden away, possibly a worshiper of a nefarious nature. They have been enchanting undead from the bodies of the inhabitants and raising them as sentries to guard their place. These undead have been known to drown people who stare into the water. It is believed that this evil is due to a coven of sea hags living among the mangroves nearby. They have crocodiles as servants and are completely deadly as they are on their own.
Players may pass through here may not want to stay long. If they are confident, however, they may find old trinkets that survived destruction, including jewelry and old funds. If they can find their way to the hag's lair, they will find a swampy shore littered with bodies, floating upon a thick nest of branches. The hags are worshippers of an ancient artifact believed to be left by an obyrith of eons ago. If the player successfully dispatch of them, they will receive the artifact as their prize. DMs may want to consider placing a hidden curse on the object due to its history.

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The Ruined Chateau of Lord Briand
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