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Character themes are a powerful tool in customizing characters in D&D 4th Edition. A theme is an add-on to a character alongside class, race and background. They provide additional flavor, skill choices, features, and feat choices, to a character. It has flavor additional to a background, and comes with stuff like profession suggestions. You may choose a theme at any point in character creation and beyond (so long as you meet any prerequisites). If you choose a theme, it is not permanent, and you can retrain it.

Optional: NPCs and enemy mobs can also have themes that modify how they are represented and function in a campaign (like a sand shark in a Dark Sun campaign). These are usually tailored to specific creature types, however, and normally far less influential than character themes.

Official Themes[edit]

The following themes are repurposed from official content to fit the setting. Their benefits apply as normal.


Dragon Magazine #404
This theme is still one to flavor a character as a monk-like fighter. They are commonly seen in monasteries dedicated to isolation and honing one's body. The highest concentration of this theme originates from Toryu, but occurs also across all of Dasoon. They are less common on other continents where exploration of the spiritual side is not as encouraged.

Shard Ne'Vaal Themes[edit]

Vampire (4e Theme)

The ability to harness life energy to prolong oneself into undeath is a skill lost in majority. Some, like those versed in alchemy, are able to reach this feat, but not without losing a good deal of their own humanity. Others, utilizing the powers of nil, are able to transgress into a strange category entirely, becoming a deathless creature that defies all natural laws.

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There are no things which are certain save the end, not in nature nor in science.
Scholar Esidius, Ferngus Convention

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