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The vast terrain of Shard Ne'Vaal, combined with varied climates, foster a variety of life at all levels of the World Tree. This is by no means an extensive list of monsters in the world, and you can add to it as you see fit.

Monsters By Type[edit]


  • Golems constitute a wide variety of constructs. The amount of artificial life in the Old World was heavily encouraged, particularly during the Age of Kings to supplement opulent lifestyles. The number of constructs peaked around the middle of the Age of Pawns (~2,350 BG). Many were supposed to be scrapped but a lot of times, they were wantonly released or left abandoned. After the Old World, many still roamed as they were hardy enough to survive the Gorge. It is harder to manufacture them due to the lack of arcane energy, however.
  • Skeletons[1]
  • Zombie[2]
  • Endelings are constructs made of undead material. They are commonly known as midget undead golems and are used as cannon fodder by necromancers and golemancers alike.


  • Bulettes[3] are land-based squaline creatures which roamed the plains of the Dasoon continent. Few exist in Shard Ne'Vaal, and are often seen only along the trunk level of shards.


  • Tigbanua are horrid humanoids who live in the forests formerly of Dasoon. After the Gorge, many relocated to woodlands spread across all three levels of the World Tree, and are even known to hunt within the trunks canals.
  • Sahuagin[11] are piscine people who plagued coastal cities and warred against port masters for the longest time. They sometimes partnered with morkoths but often would also be eaten by them as well.
  • Sea hags are ugly beings who know the key to charm their prey into their grasp. They are found on seasides as well as inner swamplands and lakes.
  • Dual asuras are chaotic monsters who run fast to cut up whatever they can. They were created as twisted plays of "halves" by Hek
  • Crypt things are strange tricksters who reside within ancient ruins that house funerary remains. They are said to be guardian undead formed to protect final resting places for the rich and powerful who animate them.

Magical Beast[edit]

  • Morkoths are hunters of the deep who lived in the deeper seas around the north and central seas of the Old World. After the Gorge, few are left and mainly reside at the root layer where remnants of their labyrinths remain.
  • Varghoulie are little nightmarish creatures that come about from heads that detach from their own bodies.

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