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The counterbalancing force to magic in Shard Ne'Vaal is the power of the natural mind and discipline of physiological forces. Where magic largely relies on manipulating forces external to the self, psionics uses the self's own power to create miraculous effects beyond that of martial prowess. Its use however, was not always sanctioned. Initially it was a bit of a darker power in society, save in certain circles which were monitored closely. However, with the Gorge happening, arcane magic, primal energy, and divine power became much less dependable and demand for psionic power skyrocketed as a result. Here is a brief history of psionics.

Astral Period[edit]

Age of Kings[edit]

Age of Pawns[edit]

Age of Flies[edit]

The Lost Era[edit]

False Dawn Era[edit]

Paradise Lost[edit]

Tumultuous Period[edit]

Age of Glass[edit]

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