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Campaign Seeds[edit]

These are some ideas for how to kick off an adventure or progress. They can be woven in as needed or changed as necessary. Some entail entire campaign plots.


The Colosseum is a wondrous place, located on the elusive Valia Isles. It is said her sister still seeks for a great champion to rise from the trials set forth by the goddess of victory. This champion will conquer the nil of the void and attain salvation, but only after the most grueling of tests set forth by a maze of dangers.

Hunted Heroes[edit]

You and your party awaken, stripped of your belongings and seemingly left to rot in some old abandoned cult's base. Upon returning outside, you realize all your names and faces have been slandered with crimes of lies and murder. The local kingdom is willing to chase you down for these wrongdoings, but you did not commit them. Discover the plot against you from within the kingdom monarchy, mired in corruption from forces nonetheless tied to cults of Graghk, and a prophecy which could change all of Shard Ne'Vaal as it is known.

The Blackguard[edit]

The Blackguard are a notorious group of bandits and brigands who terrorize the all-ready battered people of Shard Ne'Vaal. They have their aims set upon one of the party, and they seek to possibly cause more havoc in reviving an ancient monster in the nearby crypt. Foil their plans in a quest to dismantle one of the most hated groups in Shard Ne'Vaal... or even take the reins for yourself.


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