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Magic is a pervasive and familiar force, cliche to the world of Dungeons and Dragons. But exactly how it comes about and its interactions with the material is what makes a setting's magic unique. As is probably already obvious in this setting, the nature of magic changed from the Gorge, particularly in the divine category, which is nearly all depleted.

Old World Magic[edit]

In the Old World, most of the planet was whole and the forces that filled it to the brim allowed for ample usage of powers like magic. In fact, magic makes up most of these forces. It is believed that since the creation of the world in the Eden Period, there is magic instilled in everything, from rocks, to air, and in living things itself. Magic is thus the manipulation of this innate power within everything. Combined with sentience, one's own magic could act upon and control the essence of another.

The strongest powers known still reside with the gods, and are on a different level than normal magics. These require prayers and rites to beseech as favors from deities for a mortal to utilize. And there is no guarantee the fickle divinity will always oblige. Mortal magic is more readily accessible through study and scientific studies to understand it. Once harnessed, one could replicate smaller versions of divine effects and even imbue it into objects. For those who don't find the side of studies riveting, they may instead look towards extant energies in the natural world, which they can subvert and control through their own inner essence.

Divine Magic[edit]

Arcane Magic[edit]

Primal Magic[edit]

Magic in Shard Ne'Vaal[edit]

Divine Magic[edit]

Arcane Magic[edit]

Primal Magic[edit]

Shadow Magic[edit]

Void Magic[edit]

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