Bug-Catching Net (5e Equipment)

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Bug-Catching Net

Simple Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Bug-Catching Net 1 gp 1 bludgeoning 2 lb. Light, special

This handheld wooden net ends in a large loop, with a large and dense net attached to the loop. It is primarily designed to catch butterflies, bees, or other such diminutive creatures.

A Tiny creature hit by a bug-catching net suffers no damage, but is grappled by you, and restrained until it is freed from the grapple. A bug-catching net has no effect on creatures that are amorphous. The restrained creature can use its action to attempt to escape by making a Strength (Athletics) check contested by your Strength (Athletics) check, but the restrained creature automatically fails the contest unless its result is at least 10. Maintaining the grapple requires one hand from you, and you cannot make another attack with this bug-catching net while you are maintaining the grapple.

Dealing 5 slashing damage to the net (AC 10) also frees the restrained creature without harming it, ending the effect and destroying the net.

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